Silsila Huge lie to protect Pari’s future

Silsila Huge lie to protect Pari's future

Silsila Huge lie to protect Pari’s future 26th June 2019 Mishti denies to love Ruhaan. She doesn’t want Pari to feel hurt. Mishti tells Pari that she doesn’t love Ruhaan and he can be just of Pari now. Pari asks Mishti not to lie and sacrifice her love this way. She is sure that Mishti and Ruhaan love each other. Pari asks her to marry Ruhaan. She apologizes to her and tells that she would have not fallen for Ruhaan if she knew about their love. Pari steps back from her love. She tells Mishti that she knows about Ruhaan and her. She promises to not come between Ruhaan and her ever. Mishti doesn’t want Pari to stay hurt. She tells Pari that she doesn’t like Ruhaan at all.

She asks Pari if she has gone mad to think of such a thing. Pari gets angry on her denial. Mishti tells Pari that she was befriending Ruhaan just for her happiness. Pari asks Mishti if she can deny the picture. She shows Ruhaan and Mishti’s picture. Mishti tells her that the picture is wrongly captured to show a different meaning. She asks Pari who did she get this picture. Pari tells her that Veer had sent the picture to her. Mishti tells her that Veer is trying to separate them. Pari tells her that she is most important in her life and she won’t think twice before making any sacrifice. Mishti asks Pari not to come in Veer’s words and succeed him.

Ruhaan happens to call Pari. Mishti asks him if Pari is his good friend. Ruhaan tells her that Pari is really a good friend and Mishti is just Pari’s sister for him. Mishti wanted to hear this. They both conceal their relationship from Pari. Mishti doesn’t want Pari to know about Ruhaan and her relationship truth. Ruhaan wonders why did Mishti get weird on the call. Mishti asks Pari to trust her, there isn’t anything between them. She hugs Pari and asks her to have no tensions in her mind. She wants Pari to share things with her. Pari promises to not hide anything.

Pari believes that Ruhaan loves her. She tells Mishti that Ruhaan didn’t propose her, Radhika had seen a love card with him. Mishti recalls the love card she had kept for Ruhaan. Arnav asks Pari not to worry now, since Mishti cleared the misunderstanding. Mishti asks Pari to wait for Ruhaan’s love proposal. They all celebrate Pari’s love. Mishti wants Pari to stay happy. She chooses Pari’s happiness above any other thing. Mishti is tensed within. She takes a leave. She cries a lot and feels the pain of losing her love. She rushes to meet Veer and reprimand him for his dirty plotting to break her family. How will Silsila Huge lie by Mishti affect liveS? Keep reading.


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