Silsila Mishti and Pari face an unexpected twist

Silsila Mishti and Pari face an unexpected twist

Silsila Mishti and Pari face an unexpected twist 25th June 2019 Mishti looks for Pari to talk to her. Radhika tells her that Pari was upset and went to Arnav’s house. She decides to keep Ruhaan and Pari’s engagement, since they are in love. She tells her that she doesn’t want Pari’s happiness to get more delayed. Mishti doesn’t want Radhika to talk to Ruhaan so soon, since he would refuse to her directly. She asks Radhika to give some time to Ruhaan and Pari until either of them comes to them with their commitments and confessions. She asks Radhika to let them know each other for a while. Radhika agrees with Mishti’s point of view. She asks Mishti to talk to Pari about the marriage.

Mishti feels miserable. Veer learns that his dad is in some trouble. He questions his dad about the matter. His dad acts strange and leaves him suspicious. Veer feels his dad is hiding something from him for sure. He wants to call up Mishti and inform her about Pari’s angle in her love story. Mishti reminisces the moments spent with Ruhaan. She feels sorry that her love story won’t get completed even now. She sheds tears for her incomplete happiness. She misses Ruhaan and wants to tell him once about her helpless situation.

On the other hand, Pari decides to sacrifice her love. She doesn’t want to come between Ruhaan and Mishti. She feels Ruhaan doesn’t know her. Arnav asks her to first find the truth and not let Veer succeed in his aims. He feels Mishti doesn’t love Ruhaan. He asks her not to make any mistake and not talk to Mishti about this. He feels Veer is playing mind games with Pari to ruin their happiness. Veer calls up Mishti and breaks the shocking news that Pari knows about her love affair with Ruhaan. He reprimands her for loving Ruhaan by cheating him in their long relationship. He asks her to not cheat Ruhaan in a similar way.

He gets insulting Mishti and troubles her. He is sure that Ruhaan will shatter when Mishti dumps him. He asks her how will she deal with her new enemy of the love story, Pari. He asks Mishti whom will she choose now, Pari or Ruhaan. He tells her that he has instigate Pari against her and now her relations will just break. He asks her if she will snatch Pari’s happiness. Mishti gets a huge shock on knowing about Pari’s sorrow. She didn’t wish Pari to feel betrayed. Veer tells her that now Pari will go through the same pain as him. He asks Mishti to deal with her relationships her own way, since he has done his work.

Veer wants Mishti to get compelled to leave her love. Mishti feels shattered and scared to face Pari. She reaches Arnav’s house to talk to Pari. Mishti tries to meet Pari and clear the misunderstanding. Both of them want to hide their tears and sacrifice their love. Mishti tries to cheer her up. She tells Pari that her secret is out now. She lies to Pari that she doesn’t love Ruhaan. She chooses Pari’s happiness over Ruhaan’s love. She tells Pari that she is happy to know that she loves Ruhaan. She wants to celebrate with Pari. Pari asks Mishti not to do this drama and accept the truth that she loves Ruhaan. Mishti denies to love Ruhaan.


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