Kulfi Kumar Sikandar fights back Big twists ahead

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar fights back Big twists ahead

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar fights back 27th June 2019 Kulfi realizes that Sikandar has recovered his past memories and turned fine. She tests him and catches his lie. She tells him that she knows his truth. She asks him not to lie to fool her further. He tells her that he had lied to her so that he can nab Chandan. He admits to her that he knows the truth, that he is her biological father. They have the much awaited moment after a long time. He wasn’t ready to admit this truth before. Sikandar and Kulfi were helpless because of their promise to Amyra. Sikandar accepts Kulfi as his daughter finally. He apologizes to her for giving her so many sorrows in her life.

He promises to protect her and give her happiness. She is happy that he got fine. He tells her hat she is just like Nimrat, selfless and strong. Kulfi is happy to get her father back. He takes her promise that she won’t go anywhere now. She doesn’t want him to go away either. He tells her that they have stayed separated for long and now none can separate them. She asks him why didn’t he tell everyone about his truth. He tells her that Lovely has already signed him that Amyra’s life is in danger, Chandan lied to them, he had kidnapped Amyra. He tells Kulfi that Lovely was doing a drama on Chandan’s saying, she didn’t identify him intentionally.

He asks Kulfi to help him in finding Amyra. He feels Chandan is dangerous. She gets scared. He tells her that they will deal with Chandan. Amyra is held captive by Chandan’s goons. She shouts to get help. Sikandar seeks Kulfi’s help to lie to Chandan and trap him. She asks him how will she lie and trick Chandan easily. He tells him that she has to lie for the sake of Amyra’s life. She is ready to do anything to save Amyra. She becomes fearless once again when he encourages her. Lovely gets helpless because of Amyra. She waits for Amyra. Chandan tells the family that Amyra will come late. Kulfi returns home and gets questioned by Chandan.

She lies to him as per Sikandar’s plan. Sikandar calls Lovely to tell his plans. He tells her that he has got fine and understood her signs as well. Lovely gets overjoyed knowing her Sikandar is back. She apologizes to make things fine. He knows Chandan is with her. He promises to return home soon. She realizes Sikandar’s worth and feels sorry that she never valued him. She informs Sikandar that Amyra is missing. She asks Sikandar to find her. Chandan doubts on her. Sikandar tells Lovely that he has sent another phone for her by Kulfi. Lovely and Kulfi get away to plan further. Kulfi gives her the phone and asks her to call Sikandar.

She asks Lovely to stay strong. Lovely connects with Sikandar. She cries out and explains that she is living in a hell because of Chandan. She asks him to come home. He tells her that he is close and he will find Amyra first. Kulfi asks Lovely to have hopes. She tells Sikandar that Rocket can help him in searching Amyra, Rocket is aware of Chandan’s hideout. Sikandar promises to get Amyra back. Lovely apologizes to Kulfi and hugs her. She never loved Kulfi. She gets help from Kulfi and feels indebted. Sikandar reaches Chandan’s hideout and meets his goons. The goon makes fun of him. Sikandar beats him up and demands to know about Amyra.

Sikandar and Rocket don’t find Amyra. Sikandar wants to find her at any cost. Chandan’s goon agrees to help Sikandar to save his own life. Sikandar makes a master plan against Chandan to bring him out of his fake world. Chandan gets scared seeing the money recovery agents hunting for him at Sikandar’s house. Chandan hides from the big goons. Kulfi asks them to nab Chandan. The goons threaten Chandan and take money from him. Chandan spies on Lovely and Kulfi.


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