Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Entry New twists 27th June 2019

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Entry New twists 27th June 2019

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Entry New twists 27th June 2019 The Bhallas want to talk to Raman about getting Aaliya and Yug married soon. Raman gets an urgent call and goes for the work. Ishita waits for him to discuss the new developments in their house. She gets a big surprise when Raman returns home and tells the family that he has planned Aaliya and Yug’s marriage. He tells Aaliya and Yug that he has arranged the legal documents, he knows what they want and understood that they are ready to move on. He loves Aaliya as his daughter. He tells Aaliya that he knows her heart. He asks the family to get ahead with the preparations. Ishita tells him that they should keep some pre-wedding functions as well.

Raman agrees with her plans. He believes in Ishita’s decisions. Aaliya thanks Raman and Ishita for their support. Aaliya tells them that they can skip the functions. Ishita tells that they can make memories by the small functions. They get the dhol artists and celebrate by a Punjabi dance. A man witnesses their celebrations and clicks their pictures. A new entry happens to plot against Raman and Ishita. The evil person asks his aide to get Raman and Ishita killed. He has been watching them since a long time and can’t delay his goals more.

Raman and Ishita aren’t aware of the new threat. The man assures to kill them. Ishita gets happy seeing Ruhi decorating the house. Raman tells Ishita that he has to go for an important meeting, he will miss the haldi, but he will come home in the evening. Aaliya wants him to be part of the function. Yug gets the haldi and asks Raman to apply haldi to Aaliya right away. Raman promises to come soon. The enemy spies on Raman and informs his boss. Aaliya and Yug have happy moments in their haldi. Karan follows Ruhi and applies her haldi by tricking her. He tells her that their marriage will happen soon. She feels Sudha won’t accept her.

She gets upset. He tells her that he spoke to Sudha and she is happy for them. He tells Ruhi that Sudha has given her consent and wants them to get married. Ruhi applies haldi to him as well. They look forward to their marriage. Raman and Ishita celebrate haldi ceremony with Aaliya. Ishita keeps the mehendi ceremony next. Raman applies mehendi to Ishita’s hands and shocks her with the terrible design. Ishita doesn’t want Raman to apply mehendi to Aaliya. He gets emotional that he has to go for his work commitments. He tells the family that he can’t ignore his work, he will try to make it and reach the wedding. Ishita assures to handle everything in his absence. Keep reading to know about Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Entry.


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