Kulfi Sikandar unite Amyra learns Tevar’s big truth

Kulfi Sikandar unite Amyra learns Tevar's big truth

Kulfi Sikandar unite Amyra learns Tevar’s big truth 1st July 2019 Sikandar assures Lovely that he will find Amyra. She breaks down and wants her daughter back. Kulfi promises Lovely that she will find Amyra. Amyra returns home on her own. She meets Lovely and gets happy. Sikandar asks Amyra if she is fine. He tells Amyra that Chandan was living with them, he got her kidnapped. He asks Amyra to believe him. Amyra gets disappointed with him. Amyra tells them that Sikandar didn’t come to take her, so she has come on her own. She gets insecure once again. She feels Sikandar loves Kulfi only.

He tells her that he is meeting her after a long time. He asks Amyra to accept Kulfi as her sister. Amyra learns the big truth that Tevar is her dad. She recalls how she got saved from Chandan’s goons. She met Tevar’s Master ji, who saved her life. He wanted to drop her to Sikandar’s house. She expressed her feelings that Sikandar just loves Kulfi, he never loved her. Master ji broke the big truth to her that Sikandar isn’t her real father, she is actually Lovely and Tevar’s daughter. This truth broke her down. She feels Sikandar doesn’t love her as he isn’t her dad. She thinks this is the reason why Sikandar never chose her as a priority.


Sikandar and Kulfi are happy to be together after a long time. Amyra wants to meet Tevar, her real dad. Sikandar vows to protect Kulfi. He tells Kulfi that he is with her and will always be. Sikandar and Kulfi share a great bond. Amyra gets emotionally down seeing the father-daughter duo celebrating their union. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she identified Chandan on their meeting. She tells him that she can identify him by her heart. He tells her that he will introduce her to the world that she is his daughter. He wants to give his name to Kulfi. Kulfi is delighted, while Amyra is jealous. Lovely understands Kulfi’s sacrifices.

She loves Kulfi as well. She is grateful to Kulfi and accepts her as Sikandar’s daughter. Amyra gets disturbed when Lovely accepts Kulfi. Sikandar can’t believe that Lovely has finally changed her heart towards Kulfi. He sheds the tears of his happiness. They get another surprise in the form of Bebe. Bebe gets happy and feels proud of Kulfi. The family spends emotional moments together. Kulfi tells them that she never celebrated her birthday. Sikandar tells them that they will celebrate Kulfi’s birthday right away. Amyra questions Sikandar about her birth. Sikandar tells her that he was with Lovely when Amyra was born.

Amyra gets angered and goes away. He doesn’t know what happened to Amyra. Lovely assures to explain Amyra. She tells Sikandar that she will help him in handling Amyra. Amyra feels Sikandar never loved her. Lovely asks Amyra to accept Kulfi, who is their well-wisher. She asks Amyra to share happiness and double it. She tells Amyra that Kulfi has fought for them all alone by taking a big risk, its time they behave good with Kulfi. Amyra doesn’t listen to Lovely. Sikandar feels he is getting tested again. Lovely is sure that Kulfi will never give up and win Amyra’s heart. Sikandar forgives Lovely and tells her that they will start a new life ahead, they will always be together. Lovely plans to throw a birthday party for Kulfi. Sikandar wants to fulfill his responsibilities.


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