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Zee Top 3 Love stories upcoming twists 2nd July 2019 Kundali Bhagya: Rakhi throws Sarla and her daughters out. She doesn’t believe Sarla. She is blindly believing Sherlyn. Rakhi gets warned about Sherlyn. She feels if she has done wrong with Sarla. She thinks if Sherlyn is really wrong. She wants to find out the truth since its about Rishabh’s life. Preeta gets helpless to leave from Luthra house, since Rishabh and Karan aren’t listening to her. Prithvi provokes Preeta and fills her ears against Luthra family. He tells Preeta that Karan doesn’t deserve her friendship. Preeta suspects Prithvi when he speaks a lot in his overconfidence. Prithvi falls in his own trap. Mahesh will target Sherlyn and expose her truth. Preeta expects Karan to believe her.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani and Malhar have a romantic moment. She finds him working in the kitchen and helps him. He asks her to just focus on her studies and pass the exams, he will manage all the work. Kalyani finds Aao Saheb faking stomach ache. She exposes her drama by scaring her. Aao Saheb was acting so that Kalyani doesn’t go to the college. Kalyani gets keen to complete her studies for Malhar’s sake.

Kumkum Bhagya:


Alia insults Prachi like always. She feels Prachi isn’t worthy to be a part of their family. She behaves like a stranger. She gets angry on Meera, and reminds the rules to assist Abhi. She doesn’t want Meera to get close to Abhi with any dreams in eyes. She asks Meera if she is caring for Abhi and Rhea a lot like a family. She asks Meera to remember the rules and not try anything. Sarita tells Abhi that Pragya is a good match for him, Abhi and Pragya should marry to complete each other. Abhi tells Sarita that he loves his wife even when they aren’t staying together. He tells Sarita that he can’t marry anyone else. Sarita tells him that she is serious. Abhi doesn’t know about Pragya. He doesn’t know the truth that Prachi is his daughter.


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