Kulfi Kumar Major track change Amyra’s declaration

Kulfi Kumar Major track change Amyra's declaration

Kulfi Kumar Major track change Amyra’s declaration 3rd July 2019 Amyra has learnt the truth from Master ji that Sikandar isn’t her real dad, she is actually Tevar’s daughter. She can’t accept this truth at first and then realizes that she couldn’t get Sikandar’s love for this reason. She blames Kulfi for all her problems like always. She expresses her wrath on Kulfi and ruins the birthday party. Amyra creates a big drama and congratulates Kulfi for winning Sikandar. She tells Kulfi that she has become a real daughter for the family. She feels she isn’t Sikandar’s daughter and shouldn’t live with his family.

Sikandar and Lovely ask her why is she saying so and behaving bad. Sikandar asks her if she is still insecure with Kulfi, she should accept Kulfi as her sister. Amyra breaks the big truth that she already knows her real father, Tevar. She tells Sikandar that she has a problem that she isn’t his daughter, her real dad is somewhere far away from her, she wants her dad back. Everyone is shocked to know this truth. They try to explain Amyra and get upset. They feel sorry for Amyra.

Amyra doesn’t listen to anyone of them. She asks Kulfi to celebrate her win. She rushes to her room and locks herself. Lovely gets worried for her. She tries to reach Amyra. Amyra throws things in anger. Kulfi gets angry when her friends criticize Amyra. Kulfi defends Amyra’s behavior. She feels its a big truth and Amyra is right on her stand. Sikandar’s family discusses about Amyra and feel she can never accept them, since she doesn’t belong to their family.

They love Amyra a lot and want her with them. Bebe tells them that Amyra has no traits like Sikandar. She had sacrificed Kulfi’s happiness for Amyra. She wants Kulfi to stay happy. She doesn’t want Amyra to hurt Kulfi’s heart. She wants Amyra to adjust with them and compromise with her fate. She can’t see Amyra torturing Kulfi more. She is ready to do anything to protect Kulfi’s future. Sikandar breaks the door and gets in to talk to Amyra. Amyra makes Sikandar away and scolds him. He tells her that their relation isn’t of blood, but of heart, he will always be her dad.

Amyra asks him to leave her alone. Lovely asks Sikandar to leave Amyra if she isn’t understanding. Amyra gets angry that Lovely is also showering love on Kulfi. She gets broken down. Sikandar shatters with Amyra’s indifference. Sikandar goes away on Lovely’s word. Lovely tells Sikandar that Amyra won’t listen to them so easily. Amyra tells Lovely that she hates Kulfi, she will never accept her. Kulfi tries to explain Amyra that she has gone through the same pain of calling someone else as her dad.

Amyra tells Kulfi that Sikandar always lied to her, and even Tevar didn’t tell her the truth. She feels Sikandar and Tevar don’t love her, Tevar has left her as well. Kulfi tells Amyra that Tevar is a nice person, a very loving father. She asks Amyra not to get angry. Amyra feels Kulfi has got affection from Tevar as well. Sikandar begs to Amyra to forgive him. Bebe asks Amyra to compromise with her life’s truth. She doesn’t want Amyra to manipulate relations and make Kulfi away. She scolds Amyra for her tantrums, shocking Sikandar and Lovely.


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