Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Kainat finally exposed

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Kainat finally exposed

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Kainat finally exposed 4th July 2019 Saltanat gets help from a couple, who reside near the Sufi Dargah. Saltanat doesn’t want to stay there, but the couple insists to help them. Kainat and Sabina follow Saltanat to attack her. Kainat gets hurt while she wanted to hurt Saltanat. Kainat falls down and her face gets blackened. She cleans her face. She gets an idea and informs Hamza’s Dadi about Saltanat’s pregnancy. She tells Dadi that Saltanat and Zaroon are staying together at a neighbor’s house. Dadi can’t believe that Saltanat is pregnant. She creates a drama in Shah house and gets sweets. She tells them that Saltanat is pregnant with Zaroon’s child.

Miyajaan can’t believe that Saltanat has tarnished their reputation. Kainat spreads the pregnancy news so that Saltanat gets homeless again. She doesn’t want anyone to support Saltanat. Miyajaan reprimands Saltanat and Zaroon knowing about their coming child. He feels ashamed and decides to let them stay at home, so that the family doesn’t become the society’s target. Zaroon declares that he will marry Saltanat in a week’s time without any delay. He plans to keep his relationship pure by marrying Saltanat. Kainat gets mad to get Zaroon’s love.

She behaves madly and expresses her real dangerous side. She couldn’t hurt Saltanat. She hurts herself to punish. Dadi witnesses her shocking side. She tells Kainat that she is very clever and is hiding her dangerous side behind her innocent face. She tells her that Miyajaan will never support Saltanat. She learns that Saltanat isn’t pregnant, it was all Kainat’s plan to defame her. She confronts Kainat for plotting against her sister.

Kainat gets scared when Dadi threatens to expose her. Dadi feels its good that Hamza didn’t marry a cunning fox like Kainat. She is thankful that Hamza’s life got saved from a wrong marriage with Kainat. Dadi then tells Kainat that she will hide her truth if Kainat helps her in her goals. Dadi wants Miyajaan’s heirship for Hamza. Kainat wants to stop Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage.


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