Zee and Colors High 5 Upcoming Tonight

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Zee and Colors High 5 Upcoming Tonight 5th July 2019 Shakti: Vedant asks Soumya to sing a song and stop Harman. Soumya sings the song. Harman comes home drunk and falls on the stairs. When Preeto tries to help him, he says nobody shall come near him. Harak Singh feels bad and calls Soumya. He says whatever Harman is doing now is by taking your name. He holds Soumya responsible for such a situation. Soumya is upset. Vedant has decided to marry Soumya and calls Pandit ji at home. Pandit ji takes out marriage mahurat and says 3 days after will be your marriage. Vedant thinks Soumya will be his wife after 3 days and came to make his better.

Jhansi Ki Rani: Manu walks in Janki’s room and hears her talking to her maidservant Bhavani. Janki tells her that Manu’s face was sad hearing her and tells that she has decided that today I will not let Raja and Rani unite. She says Manu became Maharani, but I will not let her become a mother. Manu is shocked and asks what will you get by burning my dreams. She says you waited all day to remind Maharaj about havan, just as I went to Maharaj’s room, you came there intentionally and gave this news. She asks her to remember that whoever keeps thorn for others, never gets the mat of roses.

Gangadhar hears her and misunderstands Manu hearing her words. He asks her not to attend the havan if she doesn’t want, but don’t misbehave with his Vahini Janki. Manu gets teary eyes and tries to clarify that he is thinking her wrong. Gangadhar says I heard enough of you, can’t hear anymore.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: MohanRam tells Badal that Pujan Pandey’s daughter is not like Pujan Pandey and is different from him, just like you are not like me. He asks him to join Suman’s NGO and help her. Badal comes to Suman’s house and joins the work. Pujan Pandey calls him and asks him to make him wear the shoes. Badal is taken aback but makes him wear shoes. Suman sees Pujan Pandey treating Badal as a Servant and gets upset.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Madhav’s prayers pay off and Vaidehi becomes fine. He decides to find out about her changed behavior. Tantrik tells Nilambari that the Poornima night will be the night of her test. He says that night Chitra’s soul will try very hard to get Madhav and tells that he can lose his life while she tries. Nilambari rejoices.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rani gets all the proofs against Rivaaj. Premlatha takes antidote from Rani’s room secretly and puts it in Rivaaj’s eyes making him get back his vision. Rivaaj finds the spy camera and decides to do something unexpected and big. Raghav calls Rani to a factory and proposes her surprisingly. Rani tells him everything about Rivaaj faking the blindness. Raghav asks Rani where is the chip inside him? Rani asks him not to worry and says I will deactivate the chip anyhow. Raghav says you are not understanding it and tells that Rivaaj is the one who sent them here. He tells that their lives are in danger. Rani and Raghav are tensed and shocked. Rivaaj is on the way and is about to press the button to kill Raghav.


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