Zee Top 4 Highlights Tonight Upcoming

Zee Top 4 Highlights Tonight Upcoming

Zee Top 4 Highlights Tonight Upcoming Raja Beta: Vedant tells Purva that he won’t let anything happen to the baby. Purva tells that she can die for him and is madly in love with him. She thinks she is standing at the turn in love that she can’t move forward or go back. She feels tired and thinks I have only one way now. She consumes sleeping pills. She says sorry to Vedant and tells that she is leaving him. She lies down on the bed and gets unconscious. Vedant comes and finds her unconscious. He takes her to the hospital and tries to save both. Pankhudi uses her trump card (Purva’s pregnancy report) to defame Purva’s character.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Aao Saheb is shocked seeing Anupriya blackmailing her to let her write exam else she will file domestic violence case against them. She agrees to her condition. Kalyani is desperately searching for the man who is helping her and finds the beggar on the road with the baby with whom Sampada is changing Moksh. She says this is the same baby whom Sampada gave to daycare instead of Moksh. The lady beggar sees her and runs. Kalyani tries to stop her, but in vain. She thinks to inform Malhar and comes to the Police station. Pawar stops her and tells that Malhar is very angry and told clearly that you can’t come inside. Malhar is upset with Kalyani for not attending college. She goes to meet Malhar although Pawar stops her.

Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi questions Abhi seeing him crying silently. She asks what is the reason for his sadness. Abhi says I am not sad but was remembering someone, who taught me love and there can’t be any big happiness than love. He says when she was with me, I was very happy, now she is not with me, I am least happy. Prachi asks whom he was remembering so much and was sad. Abhi says my wife and looks at Pragya’s picture in his wallet. Prachi doesn’t see Pragya’s picture in his wallet. Ranbir is about to propose Rhea but ends up proposing Prachi yet again.

Kundali Bhagya: Preeta realizes her love for Karan. Preeta tells Shristi that friendship with Karan is very dear to her, more than love and says in such a friendship, friends love and care for each other. Shristi reminds Preeta of her own words that friends love each other too. Prithvi’s relative is about to give Shagun to Preeta for her marriage with Prithvi after 4 days. Preeta stops her and tells Sarla that the marriage shall be postponed. Sarla says marriage shall happen at the earliest. She asks Prithvi’s family to bring baraat on the 3rd day itself, why to wait for the 4th day. Preeta is shocked. Karan comes to know about Preeta’s marriage date and is more hurt.


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