High Points in Colors Shakti and Jhansi Ki Rani

High Points in Colors Shakti and Jhansi Ki Rani

High Points in Colors Shakti and Jhansi Ki Rani 8th July 2019 Vedant plans to marry Soumya. He holds her hand and says I love you. Soumya rejects his love and asks him to leave her hand. Inspector comes to Harak Singh’s house and tells that a company has filed a case against Harman Singh. Harman asks what did I do? Inspector arrests and takes him. Vedant blackmails Soumya about Harman and waits for her to come to marry him. Harman is bearing this consequences because of Soumya and Vedant’s weird connect. The love triangle becomes a pain for Singh family.

Preeto worries and tries to stop Harman’s arrest. Soumya feels sorry seeing Harman handcuffed. Preeto reprimands Soumya for putting Harman in trouble again. She blames Soumya and asks her to control her mad lover Vedant. Preeto tells her that Harman is getting punished for his love for a kinner wife. Soumya thinks to find a way to save Harman. Harak tells Preeto that he has fallen helpless this time, he can’t help Harman. He tells that the bail amount is too big and none will help them with money.

Jhansi ki Rani: Manu is leaving the Palace reading Gangadhar’s letter which he wrote long back during the tunnel incident. Kashi informs Gangadhar that Maharani is leaving. Gangadhar stops her and asks why she is leaving the palace. Manu asks if my mistake is so big that you asked me to leave the Palace. Gangadhar is surprised and asks when did I tell. Manu shows the letter? Gangadhar asks Janki if she recognizes the letter. Janki lies to him again. Manu thinks this is done because of hatred and tells that Janki can’t bear to see Maharaj and her getting closer as she doesn’t want her to have their baby. Janki says when our truth is out, the war will be two-sided, only one will win.


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