Nimki Mukhiya Big Comeback in Tetar’s haveli

Nimki Mukhiya Big Comeback in Tetar's haveli

Nimki Mukhiya Big Comeback in Tetar’s haveli 9th July 2019 Nimki and Babbu return to the haveli. Nimki gets back to her form and wants to teach a lesson to the haveli people, but this time with the support of Babbu Singh. Tetar and Anaro don’t like Nimki’s return in their lives. Anaro doesn’t want Nimki to exploit Babbu’s good change. She is angry that Babbu is supporting his wife. They want Babbu to kick out Nimki from the house. Babbu has completely reformed after winning Nimki’s forgiveness. Babbu gives space to Nimki and wants her to accept him. Rituraj provokes Sweety against Nimki. He feels Nimki has come home for a big motive. He tells her that Nimki isn’t going back to her siblings, whom she loves a lot. He feels she is up to some big game. He asks her to find out what is Nimki planning to do.

Sweety asks Babbu to take Nimki to her family. Nimki doesn’t want them to doubt on her motives. Nimki makes a plan to trouble them and performs dance with Babbu on a romantic song. The haveli people can’t believe the sight. Nimki gets unwell. Babbu takes care of her. He asks her to go home and meet her family. Mahua hates Nimki. She doesn’t want to think of her. Nimki misses her siblings and stays sad. Babbu is ready to tolerate his family’s taunts. Sweety overhears their talk. She realizes that Nimki is keeping a lie.

Nimki wishes Mahua understands her. Sweety wonders why is Nimki ignoring her siblings. Sweety reaches Abhimanyu for a talk. She wants to know the truth of Nimki and Babbu’s relation, as they pretend to be in love. Nimki joins the family for lunch. Tetar insults her and asks her to eat food separately. Anaro stops Nimki but the latter doesn’t get scared of them. She gets fearless like before. Babbu supports Nimki and stops Anaro from insulting Nimki. Babbu tells his parents that Nimki is also family and will dine with them. Tetar and Anaro can’t believe Babbu’s big change. Babbu supports Nimki like never before.

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