Star Plus 9th July 2019 Surprising 2 Upcomings

Star Plus 9th July 2019 Surprising 2 Upcomings

Star Plus 9th July 2019 Surprising 2 Upcomings Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Rohit is impressed with Sonakshi. He doesn’t like the show’s story. He likes Sonakshi’s reasoning. Veena enjoys the shoot. Rohit goes to get his watch. He finds a big light board falling over Sonakshi. He can’t help, but rushes to save Sonakshi. He saves her life. He gets into a moment with her. Sonakshi tells Rohit that she is fine. She asks him if he is hurt. Rohit turns polite. Tanya invites Deepa in the jewellery exhibition. She asks Deepa if she met Rohan. Deepa tells Tanya that she is with Akash. Tanya feels Rohan lied to her. Sonakshi tells Rohit that she saved his life before and today he saved her life. Veena asks them if they know each other since before.

Rohit asks the unit men to call Sonakshi by her real name. He explains the importance to be known by real identity. Sonakshi thanks Rohit for his concern. Veena likes their pairing. Veena thinks Sonakshi is right for Rohit’s life. Sonakshi gives the watch to Rohit. She finds him emotional and thinks the person who gave him the watch was dear to him. Tanya confronts Rohan for his lies. She goes to share her suspicion with the family. Rohan asks her to stop the madness. Sonakshi asks guard to let her fans come in, she will meet them, she has no problem. Rohit and Veena get impressed seeing Sonakshi’s humble side.

Sonakshi feels Rohit has dual faces, arrogant and humble sides. She compliments Rohit. Tanya creates a scene and tells the family about Rohan’s lie. Deepa and Akash come home and testify that Rohan was with them. Rohan tells them that he lied to Tanya as he is planning a surprise for her. They ask Rohan not to lie to Tanya again. Sonakshi apologizes to Suman. Suman questions her about returning money to Sippy family. Suman gets angered on Sonakshi’s greatness. Rohit likes Sonakshi as a person.


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Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Mishti and Kunal look for Abir and are super tensed for him. Police stops Kunal from going ahead, since its dangerous to travel because of the stormy weather. Kuhu finds Mishti missing and acts to cover up her absence in front of Varsha and Rajshri. Varsha wants Rajshri and Vishwamber to accept Kunal’s alliance for Kuhu. Kuhu gets happy that Varsha wants to support her love story. Meenakshi asks Kunal to find Abir at any cost.

Kunal promises to get Abir safely home. Parul asks Kunal to seek Mishti’s help, Mishti would be knowing about Abir. Kunal calls Kuhu to know about Mishti. Kuhu tells him that she has no idea about Mishti. She calls Mishti to know her location. Mishti informs Kuhu that she has come to find Abir. She also faces a barrier by the police and takes the jungle route to reach the next highway road. Kunal looks for Abir and asks people about him. He calls Abir. Mishti reaches Abir and finds him in an injured state. She cries seeing his state and shouts for help. She assures Abir that she is with him and will save him. She tries to call Kunal.

She pulls Abir out of the car before the car blasts. Mishti struggles to save his life. She tries to talk to him and asks him about the girl he loves, the painting girl. She asks Abir to reply to her. She takes him to the hospital in time. She worries for Abir. Abir gets treated on time. Abir wakes up and finds Mishti next to him. He gets happy that Mishti saved his life. Mishti doesn’t want Abir’s family to see her with Abir. Abir doesn’t leave Mishti’s hand and wants her close. Mishti informs Nanu about Abir’s accident. Meenakshi shatters in fear.

Kunal calls up Kuhu and tells about Abir’s accident. Kuhu realizes that Mishti has taken Abir to the hospital. She fears for Mishti’s life. Kunal thinks if Mishti has helped Abir. Meenakshi has the same fear. Kunal and family meet Abir at the hospital. Kunal realizes his feelings for Kuhu. Mishti realizes her feelings for Abir. Two love stories get ready to blossom. Meenakshi doesn’t want to accept Maheshwari girls for her sons. Meenakshi plans to put a break on their love stories. How will Meenakshi separate the lovers? Keep reading.

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Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5 FRESH TWIST This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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