Star Plus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Sonakshi’s new trouble

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Today Highlights

Star Plus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Sonakshi’s new trouble Suman yells at Sonakshi for wasting money on Sippys. Sonakshi doesn’t want to charge for hospital events. She doesn’t let Suman take advantage of her career. She tells Suman that she doesn’t want to argue more. Rohit’s maid wants to invite Sonakshi in her brother’s marriage. She tells Rohit that her brother is marrying a widow, being inspired by Sonakshi’s show promoting widow remarriage. Veena tells Rohit that they will invite Sonakshi. Rohit also agrees that Sonakshi is a good person as far as he got to know her.

Suman and Nishi get into an argument over the event refund. Nishi wants to teach a lesson to Suman when the latter insults Sippy family. Sonakshi gets a call from Rohit. She thinks he has called for the jacket. He invites her in the maid’s brother’s marriage. Sonakshi accepts the invitation and tells him that she would definitely come. He asks her if she will grace the occasion. She tells him that such functions mean a lot to her like any award function. He tells her that he will come over to give the card to her. She tells him that she is leaving for the shoot again, its a tight schedule.

He finds her really hardworking. He likes her more. Suman ignores Sonakshi in anger. Nishi lodges a complaint against Suman. Sonakshi gets worried when the police turns up at home to catch Suman. Sonakshi tries to stop the arrest. She wonders why did Sippys blame Suman now when she has already returned Rohit’s costly watch. Sonakshi calls Rohit to get his help in the matter. Pari and Pooja get selected by the designers. They both get into competition. Sonakshi informs Rohit about Suman’s arrest.

Rohit has no idea about it. She asks him to check with his family. Rohit asks Veena about Suman’s arrest. Nishi accepts that she wanted to teach a lesson to Suman. Rohit tells Nishi that he has got his watch and Suman isn’t at fault. He asks Nishi to withdraw the case against Suman. Rohit and Nishi help out Sonakshi. Nishi refuses to apologize to Suman.

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