Yeh Rishta Dadi’s demise to frighten Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Dadi's demise to frighten Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Dadi’s demise to frighten Kartik and Naira 10th July 2019 Naira gets scared of the sudden darkness by the power outage. She gains strength from Kartik’s inspiring words. She wishes that Kartik was with her. She tries to shed his fears by his memories. She manages to find the torch. Unexpectedly, Kartik comes there out of nowhere. He tells her that he is Kairav’s fake dad and came to seek her help. She gets a big shock on seeing him at home again. Suwarna praises Vedika for valuing Kartik’s friendship. She feels Dadi loves Kartik a lot and wants him to settle down soon. Vedika values relations much. Suwarna is impressed by her thinking. She feels both Dadi and Vedika are right on their fronts. Vedika knows Kartik loves Naira a lot and doesn’t want to compel him for marriage.

She wishes that Naira was alive, so that there was a hope for their reunion. She worries for Kartik’s future. Kartik tells Naira that his car broke down and he has to make an urgent call to family. Naira stays in darkness and doesn’t appear to him. She doesn’t talk and turns emotional. Akhilesh didn’t tell anything to Kartik, but wants to find Naira first. He doesn’t want to make Kartik restless by giving this news when he is also not certain. Kartik calls up Akhilesh and tells him that his car broke down and he has missed the flight. He doesn’t want to get back to the hotel. He wants to spend time with Kairav.

He asks Akhilesh to book the next flight tickets for him. Naira falls weak and dreams of reconciling with Kartik. She wishes to unite. Kartik sees Naira in Kairav’s mum, but thinks he is imagining her like always. He knows Naira isn’t alive. He thanks Naira for the help. He apologizes for coming home without her permission. He also clears her misunderstanding that he has become Kairav’s fake dad. He doesn’t want Kairav’s heart to break. He explains his special bond with Kairav. He tells her that he loves Kairav a lot, but now he won’t meet him again so that Kairav doesn’t bother her more when he goes. He asks Naira if she has forgiven him. Naira doesn’t talk knowing he will recognize her voice.

Kairav sees Kartik and stops him from going. Kartik doesn’t want to go away from him. Dadi is worried for Kartik’s kundli dosh and wants him to marry Vedika soon. Kartik puts Kairav to sleep. He makes a leave. Naira gets shattered and longs for him. She gets his kerchief and cries for him. She feels their fate doesn’t have their union. Kartik reaches his home and meets the family. Kartik tells Vedika that the weather was bad and he missed a flight before. He learns Akhilesh’s lie to the family. He thinks Akhilesh is planning a surprise for Surekha. He doesn’t tell them that he met Akhilesh in Goa.

Vedika tells them that she will work hard and recover her losses. The family learns that Dadi is unwell. They rush to meet her. Suwarna wants Kartik to convince Dadi. Naira plans a picnic with Kairav. He happily agrees and asks if his dad is also coming. She tells him that his dad is too busy and can’t be with them always. Kairav finds her in a happy mood. Kartik finds Dadi lying unconscious and worriedly calls the family. He wakes her up. Dadi asks Kartik to marry Vedika if he wants to see her fine. She asks him to fulfill her last wish. Dadi falls unconscious. Kartik gets under pressure. Dadi wanted to see Kartik’s child. Naira knows Dadi’s wish and thinks to take Kairav to Goenkas. Will Kartik lose Dadi and keep her last wish by marrying Vedika? Keep reading.

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