Kasautii New Twist Anurag and Prerna to marry

Kasautii Prerna revives a nearly dead Anurag

Kasautii New Twist Anurag and Prerna to marry Anurag feels a shattering moment knowing Prerna is going to marry Mr. Bajaj. Anurag didn’t expect this to happen. Prerna is helpless and agrees to marry Mr. Bajaj. She heads to the temple to marry him. She tells him that he is the reason for her tears. He tells her that he knows her genuine nature and he has no problem that she loves Anurag. He tells her that he can’t help her, since he can’t change his decision. He knows her feelings of bitterness and is okay with her. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna reach the mandap and proceed with the rituals. Ronit learns that Prerna is getting married to Mr. Bajaj secretly, and none from Sharma and Basu family knows this. He seeks his friend’s help and asks him to send the live footage to him.

Ronit messages Anurag to meet him at his house. Ronit shocks Anurag by breaking the saddening news that Prerna is marrying Mr. Bajaj. He tells her that he has come by taking risk just to inform him, he would have called him before. Anurag tells Ronit that he will call the police to get him arrested. Ronit stops him from calling the police and shows Prerna’s picture with Mr. Bajaj. Anurag doesn’t believe this and asks Ronit what does he intend to say. Ronit asks him to see the live video. Anurag can’t believe that Prerna is cheating him and marrying Mr. Bajaj. He asks Ronit why is he helping him, when he is his enmity.

Ronit enjoys his panicking state and tells him that he has just come to see his shocked up face, since Anurag left Komolika for Prerna’s sake and now Prerna has left Anurag for Mr. Bajaj’s sake. He tells Anurag that he has come to see his tensed expressions live by breaking this news. He feels Prerna is making Anurag taste his own medicine by gifting him a deceive. He gets happy on Anurag’s tears. He asks Anurag to go and stop the marriage if he can. Anurag feels Prerna can never do this with him. He runs to get Prerna. His family doesn’t know what’s happening. Anurag reaches the temple and finds the marriage proceedings happening. He wants to know why is Prerna doing this with him. He gets too heartbroken.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna complete their wedding rounds in the mandap. Mr. Bajaj fulfills the last rituals. Anurag stops them and pushes Mr. Bajaj away. He asks her why is she doing this. Anurag stops Mrs. Bajaj and Prerna’s marriage and begs Prerna to come with him. Prerna tells Anurag that she just wants to marry him. This brings a big moment of relief for Anurag. Prerna tells Anurag that she loves only him. Anurag fills Sindoor in her maang and marries her, right in front of Mr. Bajaj. Will AnurPre’s marriage turn out to be a dream sequence and Mr. Bajaj snatch Anurag’s love? Keep reading.

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