Star Bharat Upcomings Muskaan and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat Upcomings Muskaan and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat Upcomings Muskaan and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Mamoon doesn’t let Zaroon get any job. He keeps Zaroon’s identity documents and educational certificates with him, so that Zaroon doesn’t get any job to earn a living. Zaroon gets helpless and thinks to fight a wrestling match to earn money. Zaroon gets too hurt while he wins the fight by his strength of love. Saltanat takes care of Zaroon’s wounds. He tells her that he wanted to buy a gift for her on her birthday and he can tolerate anything for her sake. Saltanat does the first aid and treats him with love. They have a moment.

Nilam meets them and congratulates Saltanat for her birthday. Saltanat asks Zaroon never to risk his life for anyone. Nilam likes their cute arguments. She tells Saltanat that Ghazala, Rubina and Zainab are together making a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday. Saltanat waits for her mothers to fulfill her dream. Saltanat and Zaroon’s love is accepted by their mothers. Saltanat is happy. She will be learning about Kainat’s truth. She will be taking a big move to expose Kainat’s evil face hidden behind her fake innocence.

Muskaan:Sir ji plans to put Muskaan in trouble. Muskaan and Ronak accompany the family to a wedding function. Muskaan dreams to become a police constable soon and join her duty. There are hidden enemies to attack on Sir ji. The fake groom points the gun at Sir ji. The inspector shoots the goons and saves Sir ji, while Ronak and Muskaan also try to protect him. Sir ji talks to Ronak and gets emotional. He knows Ronak has helped Muskaan in passing the tests. He asks Ronak and Muskaan to shift to their Mumbai house. He tells Ronak that he can protect himself. He wants Ronak and Muskaan to settle down.

Ronak accepts his command. He tells Ronak that this decision will make their life better. Ronak leaves this decision to Muskaan. Muskaan joins her duty. She meets her seniors and expresses her wish that she wants to get Sir ji punished for Aarti’s murder. She dreams to arrest Sir ji and punish him for his ill deeds. Sir ji is insecure that Ronak and Gayatri will support Muskaan. He wants to get rid of Muskaan soon.

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