YRKKH Kartik and Vedika’s wedding bells Naira’s re-entry

YRKKH Kartik and Vedika's wedding bells Naira's re-entry

YRKKH Kartik and Vedika’s wedding bells Naira’s re-entry 12th July 2019 Manish and entire Goenka family are grief-stricken because of Dadi’s ill condition. Dadi refuses to get the surgery done since she loses the will to live. She feels Kartik will never change his mind and marry Vedika. She doesn’t want to live to see his tensions, unhappiness and loneliness. She tells Manish that he should better let her die with her dreams unfulfilled. Manish loses his cool on Kartik. He fears to lose his mother only because of Kartik’s rigidity. He tells Kartik that if Dadi dies by this sorrow, Kartik will be responsible for this.

He reprimands Kartik and orders him to marry Vedika in order to save Dadi’s life. Kartik gets at the verge of breaking down and doesn’t know what to do. He gets in a big dilemma. He loves Dadi as much as he loved Naira. He has already lost Naira and doesn’t want to lose his Dadi. Meanwhile, Naira gets compelled by her thoughts and thinks to fulfil Dadi’s last wish before she passes out. She wants to take Kairav to Goenka family and introduce him as Kartik’s son. She happily tells Kairav that they are going to Udaipur to meet his dad. Kairav gets too happy to meet his dad.

She tells him that they will be going by bus, not an aeroplane. He tells her that they will surprise Kartik. She hopes that Kartik believes her word that Kairav is their child. Naira thinks to take this risk for Kartik and Dadi’s sake. She wants to know if Kartik will heartily accept Kairav. She prays that Kartik doesn’t ask any proof of their child’s identity. She believes in her love after a long time. She imagines landing in Udaipur and rushing to Goenka house to meet her family. She gets a warm welcome in the family and Kairav gets much love by everyone. She turns happy and wishes the dream was true.

Later on, Manish tells Kartik that he will not listen to him now. He feels if Naira was alive, the entire family would have done something to unite Kartik and Naira, but they are helpless to get her back from death. He asks Kartik to think of Dadi’s selfless love for him and respect her sentiments. He pleads to Kartik to marry Vedika. He tells her that Naira will always be alive in their memories, she is dead and will never come back. He asks Kartik to value those who are alive and can get saved by his decision. Akhilesh wants to tell them that Naira is alive and he has seen her.

Kartik feels guilty that Dadi is in this state. He imagines Naira with him. He tells her that he loves her a lot and can’t give her place to anyone else. He asks why did she leave him alone and put him in this tricky situation. He shouts that he hates her since she will never come back to him. He learns that Dadi’s surgery is necessary. The doctor explains the risk to the family. Kartik hopes that Dadi will get fine after the surgery. Singhanias get informed about Dadi’s heart attack.

Naksh and Bhabhimaa meet Goenkas at the hospital. The doctor tells Manish that Dadi is losing her courage and will, she has to cooperate with them if she wants to survive. Naksh explains Kartik to move on in life since Naira has left them forever. Kartik gets compelled by everyone and finally gives his nod. He proposes Vedika for marriage. Surprised Vedika agrees to his proposal. Goenkas inform the good news to Dadi to boost her will power. They plan Kartik and Vedika’s marriage. Naira will be returning in their lives during the marriage track.

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