Kahaan Hum Rohit’s big plans for Sonakshi

TellyReviews Star Twists 5th September 2019

Kahaan Hum Rohit’s big plans for Sonakshi 13th July 2019 Sonakshi is much upset with Rohit. She knows he is not at fault, even then she regards him the root cause of all the tensions in her family. She doesn’t want to forgive Rohit as per her promise given to Suman. She tells Suman that she will not forget their insult. She doesn’t want to have any terms with Rohit and his family. Suman limits her children from meeting the Sippys. Pulkit wants to have an internship at Sippy hospital with Rohit as his mentor. He knows Suman will never agree for it. He tries to reason out his future prospects to Sonakshi to convince her. He asks Sonakshi to convince Suman. Sonakshi also refuses to help him.

She asks Pulkit to stay away from Rohit and Sippy hospital. She asks him to complete his internship at some other hospital. Pulkit feels at loss because of the family problems. Rohit understands Sonakshi’s anger and feels she isn’t wrong on her side. He wants to end her stubbornness and reach her heart some way. Rohit agrees to lend his hospital for a day for Sonakshi’s movie shoot.

Rohit tells Netra that he is ready to do anything to get forgiven by Sonakshi, since he isn’t at mental peace since Sonakshi stopped talking to him. He then quotes that he is doing everything for the sake of his family. He doesn’t accept that he started liking Sonakshi. He tells Netra that Sonakshi loves her family a lot, just like he loves his family a lot. He feels Sonakshi’s decision is justified, but he wants to clear Sonakshi’s heart towards his family. Sonakshi doesn’t want to break her promise to Suman. Netra tells Rohit that Sonakshi is very much ethical and won’t change her mind soon. She makes a plan to bring Sonakshi and Rohit closer. Netra finds Rohit a right guy for Sonakshi.


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