Top 3 Spoilers Combo Weekend Reads

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Top 3 Spoilers Combo Weekend Reads 13th July 2019 Manmohini Ram dhols the dhol for Siya and Vanraj’s marriage. Mohini and Ram celebrate Siya’s marriage. Vanraj threatens Siya for marriage. Siya agrees to marry Vanraj. He knows Kali is Siya, and threatens to expose her truth to Mohini. Siya just loves Ram. Vanraj doesn’t listen to her. He tells Mohini that he is Kali’s husband, they had a fight and Kali left his house. He asks Mohini to help her marry his wife again so that he can take her home. Vanraj tells her that his family is also coming. Mohini wants to meet his family and know about Kali and Vanraj’s past. Mohini gets convinced by their lie. Ram also wants Siya’s marriage. He believes Vanraj and wants Siya’s happiness. He makes a wish and asks Mohini to get Kali and Vanraj married. Mohini is ready to do anything for the sake of Ram’s happiness. She loves Ram aka Rana a lot.

Silsila: Mishti ditches Ruhaan. She doesn’t accept his love. She tells Ruhaan that she doesn’t love him and will never do. The love triangle complicated the lives of two sisters. They don’t want Ruhaan to break their family. Mishti assures Radhika that Ruhaan will be just of Pari. Mishti promises to unite Ruhaan and Pari.

Pari wants to know whom does Ruhaan love. She confesses love to Ruhaan and hopes that he accepts her. It gets shocking for her when Ruhaan declares his love for Mishti. Pari didn’t know that Ruhaan and Mishti’s love was mutual, which Mishti sacrificed. On the other hand, Radhika takes Pari’s alliance for Ruhaan to which he decides to refuse. He doesn’t want to ruin Pari’s life by having a loveless marriage. He urges Mishti to understand him that he doesn’t want to pretend happiness and ruin Pari’s future by marrying her. Mishti feels Ruhaan will fall in love with Pari soon. She plans to insult him further and break his heart, so that he goes to Pari forever.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Saltanat learns about Kainat’s plan. Nadim tells her that he was so afraid to lose her. He misses her a lot. He asks Saltanat to come back home, he isn’t able to manage things alone. He has let her go with Zaroon, hoping that her decisions are right. He asks her why did she leave at the time of Kainat’s wedding. Saltanat realizes that Kainat kidnapped her and took her disguise to mislead Nadim and Rubina. He asks her not to break their trust. He asks her not to do anything wrong that he doesn’t get able to answer Miyajaan. Saltanat is trying to find out the evidence against Kainat. Kainat acts innocent and is fooling everyone. Kainat is making everyone mad and also breaking the family by fueling the fire in Zaroon’s family. She just wants Zaroon and is ready to cross limits.

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