Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ruhi Aaliya to face a shocker

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ruhi Aaliya to face a shocker

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ruhi Aaliya to face a shocker 15th July 2019 Simmi gets to witness Ruhi and Aaliya’s another argument. Simmi asks them to have the breakfast together. Aaliya refuses to dine with Ruhi. Ruhi makes a work excuse and asks Simmi to pack her tiffin. She leaves from the house and goes to some place. She secretly meets Aaliya. They hug in a friendly way and discuss their plan to mock their fights to sort our Karan and Yug’s fights. They think their fights aren’t working, since Karan and Yug are still fighting a lot. They want to make them realize that fighting will just spoil their relations. They decide to plan something bigger. Ruhi worries that Ishita will be hurt knowing this. Aaliya tells her that they should better tell this to Ishita, who can really solve Karan and Yug’s differences.

She makes a plan to involve Ishita in this matter. Ishita gets worried when she wakes up late and doesn’t get any text from Raman. She calls him up and doesn’t know why is he not answering always. Simmi asks Ishita not to feel bad about it, Raman may have not sent that message to them. Ishita believes that only Raman would message her. Simmi asks her why would Raman leave a text and then trouble them by not contacting again. Mani meets them and feels someone is playing a prank on them. He tells them that he has gone to seek help from police to find about the number. Simmi asks him to explain the truth to Ishita.

Ishita doesn’t want to listen to anyone about Raman’s death. Mani and Simmi worry for Ishita’s condition. Mani wants to support Ishita so that she stays calm and sound. Ishita discusses the project with Mani. Arijit joins the project discussion. Arijit advises them to keep a grand launch for their project. Mani and Ishita agree to his advice. Arijit wonders why is Ishita not acting mad, if she hasn’t received the message. He enquires from Mani about the message. Mani tells him that someone is playing a prank on Ishita, but fortunately the family has handled Ishita.

Arijit takes a leave and finds Ruhi and Aaliya’s secretly planning to unite Karan and Yug. Arijit doesn’t want Karan and Yug’s differences to end. He wants to break Bhallas by using the weak links. Ruhi and Aaliya fake another fight and this time they worry Ishita as well. They want Karan and Yug to worry for Ishita and end their fight. Arijit puts Ruhi and Aaliya in huge trouble.

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