Star Plus Spoilers Read 3 Mega twists Upcomings

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Star Plus Spoilers Read 3 Mega twists Upcomings Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna: Kabir proves his talents and smart approach to Pooja aka Jhanvi by presenting the project on time in front of the clients, when Chopra was conspiring against her. Kabir has helped her in the nick of time. Pooja gets his timely help and is grateful to him. Kabir becomes her savior by impressing the clients. Pooja realizes that Kabir has managed her work. She suspects that Kabir had drugged the soup to make her out of his way. Jai and Dhruv also struggle in their lives. Kabir wants to bring his family’s life back on track. Pooja accuses Kabir. He gives his resignation letter as a reply to her accusations. He asks Pooja to handle everything on her own if she is capable enough.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Rocky gets alert when Happy calls him and informs about her kidnapping. Happy and Honey get rescued by Rocky. Rocky captures Meenu and tries to have a deal with Kabir. Rocky fights Kabir and stops him from reaching Meenu. Rocky assures that Happy is fine. Happy doesn’t want Rocky to get hurt. Meenu runs away from their clutches. Rocky and Happy have a moment of union. He forgives her for the past decisions she had made alone for his betterment. He can’t tolerate Happy getting hurt. Happy suspects Kumar’s intentions. She informs Rocky that Kumar is after the minister’s life and is using Honey in his evil plans.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Suman realizes that Sonakshi took an off to rest at home. She doesn’t think Sonakshi should waste time. She gets a call from the fashion event manager, who requests for Sonakshi’s dance performance. Suman makes a deal to get a big amount. She wakes up Sonakshi and asks her to rush for the dance rehearsals. Sonakshi gets upset that she has no right on her own life. She doesn’t get enough sleep. She leaves for the dance rehearsals on Suman’s insistence. She doesn’t want to hurt Suman.

Sonakshi reaches the event venue to practice for her performance. Meanwhile, Naren and Veena discuss about Rohit’s life. They want Rohit to get married and settle down soon. They know Rohit doesn’t have any belief in love and marriage. They wish that he meets such a girl who wins his heart. Rohit misses someone deeply in his life. Rohit tries reaching someone and repeatedly calls on a number. He gets restless when the call gets answered. Sumit meets Pari at the fashion show and tells him that he is the new judge on the panel. Pari isn’t aware that Sumit is planning to insult her and throw her out of the contest.

Pooja finds Pari with Sumit and thinks her chances to win are low, since Pari has already befriended Sumit. Pooja wants to win the contest fairly. Pooja wants her family to come for the fashion show soon. Suman also gets decked up to encourage Pari. Sonakshi gives her best wishes to Pari. She tells Pari that she is also performing today. She boosts Pari’s confidence. Pari asks Sonakshi to talk to her co-actor Sumit and recommend her. Sonakshi wants Pari to win by her hard work and real talent. She refuses to take Sumit’s favor. Suman and Pari insult Sonakshi and get bitter. Sonakshi gets upset when Pari condemns her. Suman orders Sonakshi to talk to Sumit for Pari’s future. Rohit meets Sonakshi at the event again. They get into an argument because of Nishi and Suman.

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