Zee Highlights Tonight 17th July 2019

Zee5 Toothbrush thrilling tale Loss of love

Zee Highlights Tonight 17th July 2019 Rajaa Beta: Purva stays disturbed after seeing Rahul. She struggles to lessen her stress and reach home. She meets Vedant and shares her fears about Rahul who would snatch her child. Vedant promises to protect her from Rahul. He assures her that he will never let Rahul come back in their lives. Vedant is clueless about Rahul’s motives. He decides to meet Rahul. He finds out about Rahul and thinks Purva is just having an illusion. He asks Purva to believe that he is the father of the child and rest assured that he will safeguard the child.


Siya gets her anger vented out on Vanraj when she learns his unfair means to get her. She scolds him and threatens of hurting him if he doesn’t mend his ways. She tells him that he had saved her life and she is indebted to him, which doesn’t mean she will tolerate his wrong demands. Siya wants Ram to remember their past. She is hurt that Ram has got Vanraj home as her husband. She accepts that Vanraj is her husband. This hurts Ram a lot. Ram and Mohini decide to get Kali and Vanraj married again. Mohini wants to keep her promise to her Rana ji/Ram. Siya falls in deep trouble. She tests her love. She lied to Mohini because of Vanraj threatening her of killing Ram. She wants to save Ram’s life. She knows Vanraj can get really dangerous if he wants.

She is making a sacrifice for Ram again. Vanraj fools Ram. Siya wants to win Ram’s trust again so that she doesn’t lose the game against her enemies. Mohini suspects Vanraj and decides to find the truth. Ram is hurt that he got cheated in love again. Siya tries to revive their love again. She reminds him the friendship vows. He scolds her for trapping him in love despite being married. He admits that he loves Kali. Siya gets happily surprised when Ram accepts his love in his heartbroken state. He accuses Kali for framing him by her lies. Devki tricks Mohini and helps Siya escape. Mohini and Ram try to reason out if Vanraj is really Kali’s husband. Ram wants Kali and Vanraj to be together. Mohini wants to invite Vanraj’s family home. Siya plans to create a rift between Ram and Vanraj to stop her marriage.

Yeh Teri Galliyaan:

Shantanu gets arrested on the charges of domestic violence. He pays a price for choosing his love Asmita. Asmita promises to free him from the jail. She asks him not to worry, she will get proof in his favor to help him. Shantanu doesn’t want her to fall in troubles. He asks her to return home. He pretends to be fine. Asmita cries seeing his condition. She is ready to accept any condition of Nandini to get Shantanu freed. The family begs Nandini to withdraw her case.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan tries to seek evidence against Antara from Rawat. She feels miserable when she finds Rawat dying because if Antara. He regrets that he is Antara’s brother. Guddan tells the family and cops that Antara has killed Rawat. Akshat can’t believe this blames on Antara. He chooses to believe Antara than Guddan. Akshat takes a decision to marry Antara to give a name to his coming child. Guddan challenges Akshat over his decision.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani and Malhar try hard to get the information out of Sampada. They torture Sampada but fail to get any information about Moksh. Sampada finds an easy route to escape. Malhar finds Kalyani adamant to find Moksh Sampada doesn’t know that Malhar has left her free intentionally to follow her and reach Moksh. Kalyani gets foolish and impresses Malhar again. Malhar doesn’t want Kalyani to take any risk. Kalyani is sure to dance and make a way into the bar to find her son. Sampada fools Malhar once again. She finds the cops around and takes a disguise to mislead Malhar. She wants her freedom. Kalyani’s long hunt for Moksh goes on. She doesn’t get Moksh despite many attempts to find him. Sampada turns cruel.

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