Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day Choti Sardarni Kulwant slaps her sons and reprimands them for a mistake. Sarabjeet witnesses Kulwant’s justice. Kulwant stops her sons from revealing any of her plans. Kulwant does a drama in front of Sarabjeet. She takes Meher’s proposal for Sarabjeet. She tells Sarabjeet that Meher will take care of his son. She wants to become a MLA and is greedy for power. She wins in her aim by melting Sarabjeet’s heart by her emotional tears. Kulwant handles her sons’ drunken drama and manages to fix the alliance. Meher awaits Manav at home. She is excited for Manav and Kulwant’s talk.


Maya and Dhanak compete to get Raghu’s love. Maya and Dhanak have a Kabaddi competition. They want to prove to Raghu who will be the best life partner for him. Raghu wishes all the best to Dhanak. Maya and Maai are trying to defeat Dhanak and insult her. Dhanak plays well and goes towards victory. Maya cheats in the game to win. She pushes Dhanak to hurt her. Raghu comes to Dhanak’s rescue. Raghu has feelings for Dhanak, though he doesn’t accept his love. He wants Dhanak to stay safe.


Soumya dances in Harman’s marriage function. She is invited in Harman’s Sangeet where Preeto wants to insult her. Preeto demands her to dance in front of Harman and show that she is very happy with Vedant. She asks Soumya to convince Harman to move on in life. Soumya fails to hide her sorrow from Harman. He taunts her for being disloyal towards him, when he vowed to love him until his life’s last breath. He asks Soumya how could she cheat him and marry Vedant. Preeto and Harak are happy that Harman is settling down and Soumya doesn’t matter to Harman anymore. Soumya sheds tears that Harman isn’t understanding her at all. He regards her wrong all the time.


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