YRKKH Naira’s message to leave Kartik stunned

YRKKH Naira's message to leave Kartik stunned

YRKKH Naira’s message to leave Kartik stunned Kartik doesn’t love Vedika, but still she is his responsibility. Vedika falls in trouble. Kartik can’t see her getting hurt. He rushes to her rescue. This brings a moment of hope for Dadi. Dadi announces Kartik’s engagement with Vedika. She hurries up with the preparations. She calls a jeweller home and asks Kartik to decide the engagement ring for Vedika. Kartik slips into the memories of his dual engagement with Naira. He misses Naira a lot. He wishes Naira was alive and he could have easily skipped this day from his life. He gets unwilling and sits to select the ring. Dadi tries bringing Kartik and Vedika closer, but Vansh intervenes her plans.

Vansh is very possessive about Kartik and sticks to her all the time, making Vedika away. Kartik loves Vansh and doesn’t listen anything against him. He argues with the family for Vansh’s sake. Vansh selects a ring for Kartik. He tells Kartik that his chosen ring will be good. Kartik finalizes the designs. Samarth scolds Vansh and asks him not to interfere in elders’ talk. Gayu feels bad seeing the way Samarth is treating Vansh. She reminds him the vows he made before marrying her.

Kartik feels bad and goes to Vansh. Akhilesh asks Kartik not to hurry up with the arrangements and think again. He assures that he will talk to Dadi. Kartik gets helpless because of Dadi. He doesn’t want Manish to blame him once again. Meanwhile, Kairav faints down and is diagnosed with an illness. This makes Naira contact Kartik for seeking help, since she isn’t able to handle Kairav alone. Naira messages Kartik and waits for his response. Kartik plays with Vansh. Vansh reads out Naira’s message, which gets unbelievable for Kartik. Kartik checks the message and wonders how can Naira message him. He decides to go to Goa and find out the truth about Naira’s existence and Kairav.

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