Read Colors Biggies Bahu Begum and Shakti

Bahu Begum Vish Gathbandhan Upcomings this week

Read Colors Biggies Bahu Begum and Shakti Shayra is equally worried for Noor seeing Yasmeen worry when the Elan e nikah card is burnt. She pacifies Yasmeen and tells that everything will be fine, she won’t let anything wrong happen with Noor. Razia asks Yasmeen to make an announcement that two marriages are going to be solemnized at the same place. Yasmeen is happy that Noor’s marriage will also be royal with Faiz. Khalid avenges to destroy Noor’s life as she refused his marriage proposal and insulted him. While the would be brides are seated to get the Mehendi applied on their hands, the Mehendi designer asks Shayra about her would be husband’s name.

Shayra says Azaan. The other designer asks Noor about her would be husband’s name. Just then Noor sees Azaan and takes his name to call him. The Mehendi designer thinks he is her would be husband and writes Azaan on her hand. Azaan asks Noor to show her Mehendi. Noor says if you try to see my Mehendi then I will print all my Mehendi design on your face. Azaan says you are mad fully. Both Shayra and Noor have the same groom name written on their hand.


Preeto asks Soumya to dance in the Mehendi function. Soumya is forced to dance and gets emotional. Preeto enjoys seeing her emotional turmoil. Harman and Mahi’s marriage day comes. Preeto asks Soumya to tie the ghatbandhan so that it never breaks. Vedant asks her to do as she said. Soumya ties their ghatbandhan. Saya and Chameli try to free themselves and alert Harman. Harman and Mahi get married. Soumya gets separated from him and gets emotional. She gets sad for Soham.

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