Kumkum Bhagya Shocking revelation by Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya Shocking revelation by Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya Shocking revelation by Ranbir Abhi’s emotional speech melts the lawyer’s heart. Lawyer tells Abhi that he will try his best to help Prachi. He finds the case too complicated. Abhi gets worried that he isn’t able to help Prachi. He wants to keep his vow to Prachi. Rhea is trapped by the blackmailer. She turns helpless and goes to steal money from Abhi’s room. She feels sorry. She doesn’t want Abhi to learn her truth. She feels Abhi will hate her and end ties with her if he learns that she has trapped Prachi in the drugs case.

Abhi stays awake all night and feels restless. He feels that Prachi has always fallen in trouble because of him. He tells Meera that he is connected to Prachi as a father, even when she didn’t call him dad. He wants to fulfil his promise. He feels guilty. He tells her that he wanted Prachi to call him dad. He feels emotionally connected to Prachi.

He tells her that Prachi seems like being his own daughter. Ranbir overhears Meera and Abhi’s conversation. Meera knows that Abhi sees his daughter in Prachi. Abhi can’t forgive himself if he fails to save Prachi. On the other hand, Pragya also tries to seek help for Prachi. She begs the lawyer to help Prachi.

Abhi feels miserable. He knows Prachi is innocent, but he has no proof. He fails to find any evidence against Prachi. He tells Purab that he can’t see Prachi in the lock-up. He doesn’t get any footage valid. Ranbir can’t see Abhi crying. He goes to the police station and talks to the inspector. He tells the inspector that he has come to confess his crime. He accepts that the drugs belonged to him and he trapped Prachi to save himself.

He asks inspector to free Prachi from the lock-up. He takes the blame on himself. He tells the inspector that his conscience made him confess the crime. Rhea pays the blackmailer and asks him not to show his face again. The blackmailer demands more money. He threatens to expose her truth. Abhi learns that the footage part is missing. He realizes that someone has tampered the footage.

Rhea falls in trouble when the blackmailer misbehaves with her. Pragya comes to Rhea’s rescue just like a caring mother. Pragya scolds the blackmailer guy. She protects Rhea. He tells Pragya that Rhea is his friend, she had called him.

Pragya demands him to apologize to Rhea. The blackmailer tells them that he is ready to go to the police station. Rhea commands him to leave. She apologizes to Pragya like a sweet person. Pragya tells her that she doesn’t want her to apologize. She tells Rhea about Prachi’s big problem. She asks Rhea to tell the truth if she is aware of it. Rhea feels sorry to trap Prachi. Abhi feels someone has intentionally trapped Prachi in the drugs case. Prachi gets freed because of Ranbir. She realizes that Ranbir has accepted the crime. Pragya swears to protect both Rhea and Prachi. Rhea denies knowing anything. She feels sorry that she can’t help Pragya. She breaks down unexpectedly.

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