Radha Krishn and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming

Radha Krishn and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming

Radha Krishn and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming Miyajaan announces Zaroon and Saltanat’s pre-wedding functions. Kainat gets angered while she plans Saltanat’s wedding. She poses as Saltanat’s savior after making her fall in danger. Kainat expresses her happiness by dancing for the love birds. It gets difficult for Zaroon to believe Kainat’s emotional speech for Saltanat. Kainat tells them that she is very happy for Zaroon and Saltanat. Sabina takes a disguise of a waiter. She goes to cut the chandelier ropes. Zaroon and Saltanat perform in the Sangeet. They dance romantically.

Kainat makes the chandelier fall on Saltanat. She then rushes and saves Saltanat. Everyone gets worried for Kainat and Saltanat. Zaroon can’t believe that Kainat saved Saltanat’s life. He still doubts Kainat. Kainat wants to win Zaroon’s trust so that he agrees to marry her. She plans big to stop Zaroon’s marriage with Saltanat.

Radha Krishn:

Krishna eats food by his mother’s hands. He wants to explain the inseparable bonds in human’s life. Krishna takes the Achyuta avatar to open the eyes on the people. Krishna doesn’t want the people to condemn relations. Krishna wants to spread the message to make the relations stronger by love and faith, so that no external factors can break the relations.

He presents new lessons of life. He asks the people to support each other to get the solutions for any big problems. Radha’s life is in danger. Her family gets too worried for her. Krishna takes the disguise to save Radha. He turns into Daai maa, a female avatar to reach Radha. He saves Radha from Kans’ poisonous devil. Radha was going close towards the death because of the poison. Radha expels the poison from Radha’s body. Radhe recovers and finds Daai Maa taking care of her. Krishna feeds the sweets to her. He becomes a servant for his lover devotee.

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