Kasautii Zindagi Huge Challenge hits Mr. Bajaj

Kasautii Prerna silent take brings big twists Shocking reply from Prerna leaves Anurag in sorrow. He wants to know her feelings once. She tells him that she doesn’t love him now since he isn’t the old Anurag for her. She tells him that she will never come back to him, even if he had planned everything against

Kasautii Zindagi Huge Challenge hits Mr. Bajaj Anurag begs Prerna to return in his life. He gets on insisting her and proves his love. She doesn’t want Anurag to hurt himself. She tells him that she doesn’t love him. She wants to break his heart so that he hates her. She tells him that she just loves Mr. Bajaj, not him. He turns angry and tries to slap her. She tells him that she was jealous seeing his richness. She tells that she acted to love him to get his money, but Mr. Bajaj is more rich and chose her for marriage. She tells that she has married Mr. Bajaj by all her will. He asks her if she will go to any richer man and leave Mr. Bajaj as well. He gets insulting Prerna. Nivedita wants to know where is Anurag right now.

Mr. Bajaj meets her and tells her that Anurag is in his room, and he isn’t fine. He calls for a doctor. He takes Nivedita to his room. Prerna and Anurag have a heated argument. Anurag doesn’t want Prerna to get away without answering him. He reprimands him. He sees Mr. Bajaj and curses him. He tells Mr. Bajaj that he has all his rights on Prerna and he will get her back. He challenges Mr. Bajaj. He vows to break Prerna’s marriage. He goes away with Anupam and Nivedita. He recalls Prerna’s words and is remorseful. Prerna knows that Anurag can never win over Mr. Bajaj. She worries for him.

Anupam is upset with Anurag’s behavior. He tells Nivedita that Anurag is in much pain, and he has seen the same pain in Prerna’s eyes. Nivedita tells him that Prerna has broken Anurag’s heart, Anurag isn’t at fault, he has changed completely because of Prerna. Anupam tells her that he didn’t expect Anurag’s violent behavior. She knows Anurag’s emotional outburst is justified. She blames Prerna for everything. Mohini and Veena meet in the market. Mohini insults Veena and Shivani. She reprimands Veena for ruining her family’s happiness. Veena feels insulted because of Prerna’s misdeed. Anurag doesn’t want to leave Prerna. He follows Prerna everywhere. He upsets Mr. Bajaj and doesn’t leave a chance to spare him.

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