Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and Sikandar Separation twist

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and Sikandar Separation twist Kulfi has learnt the truth that Lovely has accidentally killed Nimrat. She feels too bad for Nimrat. She gets shattered thinking that she is living with Lovely. Restless Kulfi ends ties with Sikandar. He apologizes to her. He doesn’t know how to get her forgiveness. She calls him a liar. She feels he has lied to her and not kept any of his promises. Kulfi apologizes to Nimrat for forgiving her murderers. She tells Nimrat that she always spend time with Sikandar and Lovely, because she didn’t know that they both are liars. She feels angry on Sikandar. She tells Sikandar that Nimrat called him a coward, which is true. She vents anger on him. She tells him that he is really a helpless liar, who lies all the times and justifies his helplessness.

She asks him why can’t he face the troubles, why is he always helpless when it comes to her. She takes his class. She tells him that Mohendar was right about him. She tells that Sikandar doesn’t deserve to be called a father, since fathers face all the troubles to protect the children. She feels Sikandar always comes with sobbing stories to her. Sikandar asks her to punish him, but not do this with him. She tells him that she will not forgive him. Mohendar and Gunjan stop Kulfi and ask her what has happened.

Kulfi sees Lovely and hates the sight. She recalls her life’s problems and sorrow. She recalls the times when she lost Nimrat. Sikandar tells Mohendar that Kulfi has learnt that Nimrat died because of Lovely. Kulfi gets dizzy getting the memory flashes. She goes to her room. Mohendar and Lovely get into an argument. Mohendar didn’t wish Kulfi to know this. Gunjan wants Lovely to go to jail and serve her punishment. Gunjan and Lovely get into an argument. Sikandar realizes Kulfi’s pain. He feels both Amyra and Kulfi lost faith in him. He thinks both of his daughters have turned same. He wants to apologize to Kulfi. He cries for Kulfi. He tries to connect to Kulfi.

Kulfi hates her room and also her belongings, which Sikandar has given to her. She doesn’t want any favor from Sikandar. She leaves the house. Sikandar gets her note and reads that she is leaving the house. Sikandar turns disturbed. Lovely feels sorry for Sikandar. She didn’t wish Kufi to leave this way. Kulfi decides to go to Chirauli. She walks on the road and talks to Nimrat. She tells Nimrat that she didn’t wish to stay with Sikandar after knowing the truth. She wishes that she never met Sikandar. She boards a bus.

Amyra gets the good news that Kulfi left the house. She thinks Kulfi is doing this to get Sikandar’s attention. She gets angry on Lovely, knowing that Lovely is trying to find Kulfi. She feels she is foolish to put efforts to get her parents’ love. Lovely explains Amyra that she loves her a lot. Sikandar and Mohendar try to find Kulfi. They have a hit and miss. Kulfi gets spiritual help. Kulfi decides to find the path. Sikandar checks the bus, but doesn’t find the bus. Sikandar learns that Kulfi has chosen her own path.

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