Star Plus Prime Time Two Upcoming Hits

Starplus Top 2 Underrated shows Highlights Today

Star Plus Prime Time Two Upcoming Hits Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Abir apologizes to Mishti, while she scolds him for making Vishwamber upset. He tells her that she is lucky to have a fatherly figure like Vishwamber. He didn’t wish to tell anything to Vishwamber. He just wanted to help her. He doesn’t know if his dad loved him. She feels sorry to hurt him. She asks him why didn’t she tell Rajshri that she likes someone. He pulls her leg and asks her to admit her feelings. Shaurya and Varsha get happy when Kuhu gets all the praises and blessings. Meenakshi wants to keep the rituals by her customs. She wonders if Abir has gone to meet Mishti. She enquires about Mishti. She acts sweet towards Maheshwaris.

Abir asks Mishti to wear the gifted bracelet. Mishti refuses to it. He tells her that he can make her wear it. She challenges him and tells him that she will give all the answers if he wins. Abir tells her that he will get a haircut if he fails. Meenakshi calls Mishti. Abir hides from Meenakshi. Mishti gets happy seeing the Tilak ritual. Abir tries hard and makes Mishti wear the bracelet. They have a moment, which soon breaks. They spot Shweta with Kunal.

Shweta asks Kunal not to get engaged with Kuhu. Kunal asks Shweta to leave. Shweta tells Kuhu that Kunal loves her. Kuhu and Shweta get into an argument. Kunal feels Shweta just loves his richness. Kuhu trusts Kunal. She gives the bracelet to Shweta and asks her to leave from their lives. Abir asks Shweta why did she come back. Shweta hugs Kunal and expresses her love. Kunal has no idea about her. Mishti scolds Kunal for being unfair towards Kuhu. Meenakshi had sent Shweta to create a drama in the engagement. Parul learns Meenakshi’s plans and gets too upset. She feels Meenakshi is playing a big game with Kunal.

Sonakshi is very happy that Rohit has cared for her. Preeti tells her that she has sent Rohit to save her. Sonakshi thanks Rohit. She also taunts him for having humanity lately. Rohit and Sonakshi have a cute fight again. They applaud Pooja and Pari for their final round. Sonakshi wishes all the best to Pari. Pari hopes that she will win. Pari changes her dress with Pooja’s dress. Dolly finds Pari changing the dress. Pari has done this since she found a stain on her dress. Pari wants to look the best. Pooja gets Pari’s dress.

Pooja faces a wardrobe malfunction. Sumit gets happy that his plan didn’t fail completely. He had targeted Pari, but Pooja fell in his trap. Sonakshi and Rohit run on the stage to help Pooja. Everyone sympathizes with Pooja. Pari wins the fashion show. Pari didn’t wish to do this with Pooja. She didn’t know how Pooja’s dress got torn. Pari makes Suman proud by winning the title. Sumit declares her as the winner. Pooja blames Sonakshi for damaging her dress. She tells Rohit that she has seen Sonakshi cutting the dress.

Rohit scolds Sonakshi for falling to such a low level. Sonakshi defends herself. Rohit tells Sonakshi that she has crossed all limits today, since she has put a woman’s dignity at stake. Sonakshi pleads her innocence. Rohit doesn’t believe her.

Pari tells Sonakshi that she has changed the dress, but didn’t wish Pooja to suffer this way. Sonakshi wants to clear Rohit’s misunderstanding. Rohit doesn’t want to have any terms with Sonakshi. He vows to expose her truth. He doesn’t want to forgive Sonakshi.


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