Murphy Singh enters Kulfi’s life New track begins

Murphy Singh enters Kulfi's life New track begins

Murphy Singh enters Kulfi’s life New track begins Kulfi boards a bus to reach Chirauli. She thinks its better to go back to her village and live a life with her esteem intact. She feels Sikandar never loved Nimrat, that’s why he didn’t care for her death, which happened because of Lovely. She can’t believe that Sikandar has left Lovely free and did such a big injustice with Nimrat. Sikandar looks for her deliberately. He goes to a temple and prays that he finds Kulfi. He doesn’t want Kulfi to fall in any other trouble. Mohendar seeks the help from the police and tries to track Kulfi. He learns that the bus which just left will be stopping at the temple for a while. Kulfi goes to a temple to question the Goddess.

She wants to know why did Sikandar lie to her, does he love her or not, why does he always cry when she cries. She is upset that Sikandar hasn’t supported us. She feels he has lied a lot and this time she can’t forgive him. She leaves from the temple and sits in the bus again. Sikandar feels that Kulfi was around him. He looks for her. He doesn’t see her. He gets madly searching for him. Lovely plays her next move. She calls Mia to give the big news that Sikandar is going to sing with Amyra at a wedding. She gets the news on the tv channels so that it reaches Kulfi. Kulfi gets to see the news and breaks down. She feels Sikandar has broke this big news that he is going to sing with his daughter.

She thinks if Sikandar doesn’t know that she left the house. She feels she was right to leave the house, Sikandar never loved Nimrat and her. She gets too sad. She meets a Saint and expresses her sorrow to him. She finds Sikandar selfish who just cares for Amyra’s happiness. She tells the saint that she has no one from her family. The saint tells her that she is pure hearted and true. He asks her to follow her heart and not get deviated from her path. He tells her that he will get courage when she gets determined. Kulfi wants to sing, since she loves music. She wants to become a big singer. She gets down the bus.

Sikandar and Mohendar get there to find her. They don’t get her and ask the saint, who tells them that Kulfi has chosen her path and took the flight to her success. Saint blesses Kulfi to get what she aims for. Sikandar cries that he lost Kulfi. Sikandar and Mohendar come home disheartened. Gunjan scolds Sikandar for announcing about the wedding performance when Kulfi is missing. She asks him not to do the drama. She shows the news to him. Sikandar questions Lovely about it. Lovely denies to do anything. She tells him that she is also trying to find Kulfi. Sikandar believes Lovely. Vikram yells at Sikandar for coming in his way and snatching his opportunity.

He doesn’t want his career to spoil. Mia informs him that Amyra will be performing instead Kulfi at the wedding. Vikram comes to his music school and finds Kulfi. He thinks she has come to him by believing him. He takes her home. Kulfi tells him that she is ready to sing anywhere as he says. He asks her won’t she follow her heart now. She tells him that music is true, unlike people. She wants to keep her relation the same with music. Sikandar learns that Kulfi has decided to make her own career, by staying with Vikram.

Vikram and Mia plan to use Kulfi and get success. They want to make Kulfi a superstar for their own benefits. Kulfi learns this and turns disappointed. She still doesn’t want to return to Sikandar. Sikandar decides to get Kulfi back home by convincing her. He takes the avatar of jolly Sardar Murphy Singh and enters Kulfi’s life for the betterment of her future.

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  1. Fuck Sikander, he wants kulfi back but his ugly Ass caint tell the mofo world that she is his daughter, if kulfi forgives Sikander without the World knowing she’s his daughte4, then India is a country with no Justice …

  2. OMG, not again. First Sikander, then Chandan, then Bhola and now Murphy. The writers have lost it and they need help. Can’t they manage by dealing with the existing people as matured people in a more realistic and believable way? Hopeless.


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