Sufiyana Shocking bride swap Zaroon to marry Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon Saltanat meet lined up

Sufiyana Shocking bride swap Zaroon to marry Kainat Zainab blesses Saltanat and hugs her. Rubina gets glad seeing them. Saltanat tries some jewellery. Kainat asks Saltanat to wear the bridal dress which she brought for her. Zainab stops Kainat. Saltanat accepts Kainat’s gift. Ghazala tells her that she has no problem with it. Rubina finds something is wrong. Zaroon meets Saltanat. He doubts on Kainat. He drags Kainat out. He asks Saltanat not to forget that Kainat tried to kill her. She tells him that he is with her and nothing can go wrong now. He doesn’t want to let Kainat hurt Saltanat. He swears to not spare Kainat. He asks her to stay away from Kainat. Saltanat calms him down. Zainab praises Rubina’s upbringing and teachings for Saltanat.

She tells Rubina that Saltanat’s upbringing is better than Kainat’s. Rubina hugs her thankfully. Zainab keeps an eye on Kainat. She is happy for Saltanat’s marriage happening. Kainat does a drama again and fools Zainab. Zainab comes in Kainat’s words again. She wants Kainat to stay away from Saltanat. Kainat and Sabina plan a meet. Rubina spots Sabina, but doesn’t recognize her. Zaroon tells Rubina that he wants to be away from Kainat, who doesn’t have a positive presence. Rubina gets happy.

She feels Saltanat is lucky. Kainat asks Saltanat to come with her just before the marriage. Rubina informs Zaroon that Saltanat has gone with Kainat. He gets worried and calls Saltanat to take her welfare. Kainat and Mamoon plan to stop Zaroon’s marriage with Saltanat. There will be big drama when Zaroon will be marrying Saltanat. He wants to know where is Kainat. Zaroon gets married to Kainat, who takes Saltanat’s place. Kainat takes Saltanat’s disguise and behaves like her, while keeping Saltanat captive. She cheats Saltanat once again. Zaroon gets happy that he finally got his love. Kainat brings the bride swapping twist to get Zaroon’s love.

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  1. ❗️Isn’t shakti series getting boringggggg.
    ❗️Abhi pragya still in cat and mouse chase half century has passed.
    ❗️Karan should be given tight slap for dragging preeta out of house.
    ❗️Sarla mother always cryingggg and blindly accuses family does what she fills is right I guess she needs advice plsss
    ❗️Kartik naira another Tom jerry play omg. Till whennnnn.


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