Sufiyana Pyaar Shocking Psychotic twist by Kainat

Telly Reviews Highlights Sufiyana Pyaar Mera and Muskaan

Sufiyana Pyaar Shocking Psychotic twist by Kainat Kainat doesn’t tell the secret to Saltanat. She takes Saltanat with her. She tells Saltanat that she has kept gifts for her. Saltanat gets suspicious of Kainat and recalls Zaroon’s words. She worriedly calls Zaroon and tells her location to him. She tells him that Kainat has got her out of the house. Kainat digs the place and gets a doll out of the ground. She tells Saltanat that she has snatched her doll in childhood and hidden it here. She tells her that she is really sorry. She gifts the doll to her. Zaroon meets them and asks them why did they come away from house. He gets doubting on mad Kainat. Saltanat doesn’t feel Kainat will harm her now. Zaroon takes Saltanat with him. Kainat’s gift falls down and breaks.

She gets upset and tells that she will marry Zaroon today. She makes an evil plan to get married to Zaroon. He wants to protect Saltanat. Zaroon and Saltanat chat on phone and are very happy. They get decked up in wedding attires. Saltanat reaches the altar. Zaroon tries to see her once. Miyajaan stops him from seeing the bride’s face.

Kainat returns home and gets dressed as the bride. She wants to marry Zaroon by replacing Saltanat. Zaroon and Saltanat get married in front of the family, while Kainat marries Zaroon’s picture secretly in the room. She feels her marriage has happened with Zaroon. She gets mad and wants to be true to Zainab as well. Kainat is happy seeing Zaroon’s picture. She gets too obsessed and starts believing that she is also Zaroon’s wife. She plans her wedding night with Zaroon. She brings an effigy with Zaroon’s picture. She couldn’t stop Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage, but she thinks she has married Zaroon as well. She romances the effigy and behaves mad. She wants to make Saltanat away from Zaroon. She turns psychotic. She aims to challenge Saltanat’s rights on Zaroon.


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