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Read Zee Top 4 Upcoming Show Highlights Raja Beta Pankhudi wants to tell Vedant that Purva’s baby is HIV positive, so is Purva. Vedant tells her that he checked Purva, but couldn’t identify it. Pankhudi says you had only said that few things you can’t catch. Vedant is tensed thinking what to do. Pankhudi wants Vedant to do a mistake regarding Purva’s baby leading to their separation and wants Vedant to lose Purva and his practice as the doctor. She wants to destroy Purva and Vedant completely and wants to snatch everything from them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani has become Atharv after Malhar’s effort to hypnotize Atharv goes wrong and Kalyani gets hypnotized instead. Malhar tells her that Mugdha is in his custody and asks him to wear Kalyani’s clothes and sit in the puja. Kalyani agrees. Anupriya comes to the room and sees Malhar wearing saree. Malhar tells her that Kalyani thinks herself as Atharv and you know that Atharv can’t be trusted, so I have decided to disguise myself and sit in the puja with her. Malhar and Kalyani do the puja as the ladies. He thinks Kalyani as Atharv will do something.

Read Zee Top 4 Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi sees Nishant in the car and looks at the car. Pragya is also in the same car. Abhi doesn’t see her. Pragya takes Nishant to Police station and asks Inspector to leave Ranbir. Abhi takes Ashok to Police station and tells Inspector that he helped Nishant with the CCTV footage stealing. Pragya and Abhi don’t see each other. Abhi comes to know about Prachi’s mum bringing Nishant to Police station. Pragya comes home after sorting the long tiring chapter.

Sarita asks about the handkerchief in her hand and says someone gave it to you and you kept it with yourself. Pragya tells that someone kept it near her when she was crying outside the Police station and maybe he wants her to keep it with herself. Sarita says maybe that person wants to convey that whenever you cry, he will be with you. Pragya says who can do this? Sarita says Mr. Mehra only does such things. She asks Pragya to meet Mr. Mehra once. Pragya doesn’t know that Abhi is Rhea’s father Mr. Mehra.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sherlyn wants Prithvi not to marry Preeta as she wants her to cry all life. Prithvi is adamant to marry Preeta as he loves Preeta but tells her that he has a reputation. He tells Sherlyn that he is free to make his own decisions, since its his life and his pride at stake. Preeta couldn’t bear Karan’s hatred for her. She sits for her haldi and imagines Karan coming there and telling her that she is just of him. Preeta says haldi is applied to her. Karan tells that she also holds the color of his love in her heart. They have a romantic moment in her dream.

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