Choti Sarrdaarni Meher strongly opposes Kulwant’s evil

Choti Sardarni Colors Meher Sarabjeet Confusion twists

Choti Sarrdaarni Meher strongly opposes Kulwant’s evil Meher runs from the house to save her child. She doesn’t want to lose Manav’s last sign. Kulwant sends her sons to catch Meher. She slaps her sons when they fail to find Meher. She orders them to find their sister and bring her home some how. Meher gets caught and is brought home. Kulwant has turned into Meher’s enemy. She stops Meher from going to the police station and complain against her. Meher wants justice for Manav. She knows Kulwant got Manav murdered. Meher has to save her child from Kulwant’s evil. Kulwant gets into a tricky situation with Sarabjeet and his sister Harleen come home. Meher fails to take any step against Kulwant.

Kulwant fails to lodge the complaint. Kulwant compels Meher to marry Sarabjeet. Meher’s brother threatens to shoot her down. Meher doesn’t get afraid. She shouts and asks him to shoot her. She wants the troubles to end. She has no willingness to live. She wants to give birth to Manav’s child, while Kulwant wants her to abort the child. Kulwant scolds Meher for already staining the family reputation by having an affair with Manav. She doesn’t support Meher’s love. She warns Meher against going against the family. Meher’s life gets paused after she loses Manav. She doesn’t want her mad family to harm her child.

She vents her anger over her disgraceful family. She expresses her courage. She will break any limits to save her child. She tells Kulwant that she will fight anyone, even her mum. She feels Kulwant isn’t a good mother. She reminds Kulwant the duties of a mother, how a mother is a sacrificing figure, a mother can give up her life and happiness for the sake of her child. She lectures Kulwant for failing as a mother. She wants to set an example by becoming a strong mother, who can do anything to protect her child. Meher would be getting help from Sarabjeet, surprisingly. Sarabjeet being a good hearted man supports Meher totally. Sarabjeet and Meher will be seen getting married in the coming track.

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