Mohabbatein Ishita calls for help Arijit gets attacked

Mohabbatein Ishita to be shot dead once again

Mohabbatein Ishita calls for help Arijit gets attacked Ishita gets conscious while she is held captive by Arijit’s aide at some godown. She struggles to get free and run away from there. She hears a person’s footsteps. She acts to be sleeping to know who is her enemy. Arijit visits her and injects her drugs once again. Yug stays worried for Ishita. His nightmare makes him panicking. Aaliya pacifies him. Karan informs Yug that he has just received a message from Ishita and she is fine. Yug signs a huge relief on knowing about Ishita. Karan tells Yug that he will keep him informed about Ishita.

Aaliya asks Yug to sleep. Ishita doesn’t see Arijit’s face. She tries to gain consciousness despite the effect of the drugs. She finds a landline there. She calls Ruhi to take help. Ruhi is sleeping and doesn’t answer. Ishita calls Yug and connects to him. Yug gets a huge shock on hearing Ishita’s voice. Ishita asks for help. Yug realizes that Ishita is in danger. Yug wakes up Aaliya, Ruhi and Karan to tell them that Ishita has called for help, she has fallen in danger when she went to find Raman. Yug wants to find Ishita by seeking the help of police. He wants to track the phone location.

Ruhi tells Yug that its too late now and they have to wait till morning. Arijit summons Karan and Ruhi at his home. He doesn’t want them to doubt on him. Ruhi feels Arijit was behaving strange before. She doubts Arijit and asks Karan not to eat anything at Arijit’s place. Arijit discusses the new project with Karan. Ruhi tells them that she will make coffee for them. Arijit stops them and goes to get coffee for them. Ruhi makes excuses and avoids the coffee prepared by Arijit. She spills Karan’s coffee as well to save him.

Yug informs Karan that he has got Ishita’s location and he is going there to find her. He asks Karan and Ruhi to reach there. Ruhi gets a big relief knowing Ishita is found finally. Arijit overhears their conversation and concludes that someone has back stabbed him. He wants to know if his aide joined hands with Bhallas. He doesn’t understand how Ishita connected with her family all of a sudden. He spies on them further to know if they really found Ishita or making any plan to trap him. Arijit doesn’t want anyone to reach Ishita.

Karan and Ruhi rush to the location to find Ishita. Arijit asks his aide if he has revealed about Ishita to anyone. He asks Ruhi to take him along to the office. Karan wants to make an excuse to avoid him. Ruhi tells Karan that they have to behave normal and trick Arijit. Yug gets summoned at the office for the urgent work. Arijit reaches Ishita before Yug and Karan. Ishita asks him who is he and why is he doing this with her. He conceals his identity with a mask. She attacks him to save herself. She injects Arijit with the drugs to plan her escape.

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