Kasautii Prerna and Bajaj face shocking threatening

Kasautii Bajaj in question over Anurag's critical state

Kasautii Prerna and Bajaj face shocking threatening Anurag and Prerna try to get saved from Ronit. Prerna wants to inform Mr. Bajaj about Ronit. Anurag rushes with Prerna to secure her. He wonders why is Ronit targeting Prerna now. He tells her that Ronit had enmity with him before because of Komolika’s death. He doesn’t know how Prerna has harmed Ronit that he is determined to exact revenge now. He can’t believe that Ronit has come to Switzerland just to harm Prerna. He asks Prerna not to fall in trouble and stay alert. Prerna doesn’t know if Ronit is angered that she exposed him in the court.

Meanwhile, Anupam tells Nivedita that he loves her a lot and wants to make a new start with her. She gets emotional and reciprocates his love. Ronit hates Prerna. He wants to ruin her life. Prerna knows that Ronit is after her as she has ruined his revenge on Anurag. She is ready to face any troubles to save Anurag. She asks Anurag to leave her and get away. He asks her what is she hiding from him. She doesn’t tell him anything. He tells her that Ronit has hired the goons to kidnap her and he will not spare her easily.

Anurag asks Prerna if she has lost faith on him, he has saved her from the goons. Prerna finds the goons getting after her again. Mr. Bajaj calls up Nivedita to seek an answer about Anurag. He goes to Anupam and Nivedita and blames Anurag for kidnapping Prerna. They don’t think Anurag can do this. Mr. Bajaj calls Anurag and doesn’t get any reply. Anurag and Prerna find Ronit chasing them. They find a place to hide and get saved. Prerna wants Anurag away. Mr. Bajaj finds the lovers together. Ronit threatens Prerna and Mr. Bajaj that he will tell Anurag the reason behind Prerna’s marriage move. Prerna doesn’t want Anurag to know the truth.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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