Kulfi Kumar Lovely uncovers Murphy’s truth

Kulfi Kumar learns Conspiracy against Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely uncovers Murphy’s truth Kulfi feels she has lost all her rights after leaving Sikandar. She wishes to study by joining her school again. She sees Tia preparing to leave for school. She feels bad and thinks she can never go to school now. She doesn’t ask Vikram to help her in this regard. Murphy meets her and tells her that family is very important and person can do the best only when he is with the family. He reminds her of family. Lovely messages him about the emergency at home. Sikandar gets worried and leaves for home. Mia wants Kulfi to practice well. Amyra asks Lovely about Sikandar.

Sikandar returns home and finds everything fine. He asks Lovely why did she lie and call him home. He gets angered. Lovely asks him not to lie to them to go to Kulfi. She questions him about his frequent trips. Sikandar gets helpless to lie again. Kulfi finds with Mia and family. She doesn’t like the pizza. She wishes to have homely food. She doesn’t eat food and goes. Mia asks Vikram if they can send Kulfi to school so that her education doesn’t stop. Vikram reminds Mia that they are tolerating Sikandar’s daughter just for their benefits, they shouldn’t think more of Kulfi’s betterment. He wants to reap profits by making Kulfi’s career a hit.

He wants to use Kulfi. Mia feels emotional about Kulfi. She wants to be practical, but Kulfi wins her heart. Kulfi doesn’t prepare the song. Vikram asks her to make the song ready soon. Mia calls Murphy and tells him that Kulfi hasn’t eaten anything and isn’t able to prepare any song. She asks him to come home and encourage Kulfi in his funny way. She knows he would handle Kulfi well. Sikandar understands that Kulfi isn’t able to sing as she is hungry. He knows she likes homemade food. He feels Vikram and Mia are selfish and didn’t care that she is hungry. He makes food for Kulfi. He gets into Murphy’s avatar and meets Kulfi.

He gives her the tiffin. She likes the homely food and misses Sikandar. He tells her that she can now make a good song. She prepares an emotional song thinking of Sikandar. He tells her that she is singing very well. He also gets emotional. He knows her pain. He asks her to not tell Mia that he got the tiffin for her. He goes home and finds Lovely and Amyra busy in a press meet. Amyra gives her interview. Sikandar feels exhausted because of them. Reporters pose questions to Sikandar. They want to know how he is shaping Amyra’s career.

Lovely takes Sikandar to confront him about meeting Kulfi secretly. Amyra wants Sikandar’s attention. Sikandar accepts that he had gone to meet Kulfi. He tells how he had spend time with Kulfi. He doesn’t think Lovely should raise any objection. She asks him to think of Amyra too. Sikandar gets Mia’s call again. Mia informs him that Kulfi has prepared the song and going to record the song. He asks her how could she plan the video shoot without informing him. He rushes to reach Kulfi. Sikandar takes Murphy’s disguise. Lovely follows Sikandar and realizes his disguise. She gets angered on his lies.

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