Kumkum Bhagya Rhea exposed Abhi moved by truth

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea exposed Abhi moved by truth

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea exposed Abhi moved by truth Nishant is going to reveal Rhea’s name to Abhi. He wanted Rhea to help him getting free from the police station. He asked her to hand over money to him to flee from the city for some time. Abhi doesn’t let Nishant’s plans to work. He puts pressure on Nishant to know the real culprit. Pragya thinks of Rhea’s dad, who is much caring. Sarita tells Pragya that she has told Mr. Mehra that she loves him a lot and he told that he loves her too, so she has proposed him. Pragya laughs hearing her funny talk. Sarita wants Pragya to meet Mr. Mehra and befriend him. She thinks Pragya and Mr. Mehra can complete each other’s lives. Rhea gets worried on seeing Prachi home. She reacts weird.

Prachi doesn’t doubt on Rhea. Prachi meets Abhi to thank him. Prachi always wishes good for Rhea. Meanwhile, Rhea thinks Prachi isn’t too bad but she feels jealous of her. She doesn’t want Prachi to get Abhi’s attention. Nishant calls up Rhea and asks her to come to the police station to free him from the blames. Rhea gets worried. She goes to seek help from Aaliya. She doesn’t want Abhi to learn the truth.

She is getting blackmailed by Nishant. Prachi gives the cake prepared by Pragya to Abhi. Abhi gets emotional and recalls Pragya. He misses Pragya in his life. Prachi tells Abhi that Pragya always cooks for the dear ones, she is a good cook. Vikram tries to tell Abhi about Rhea. Abhi doesn’t listen. Rhea tries to get help from her friends. She thinks to steal the jewellery and stop Nishant from revealing her name. Rhea goes to steal the jewellery but doesn’t get anything. Rhea gets trapped. Abhi reaches the police station to meet Nishant. He demands an answer from Nishant. He asks Nishant who is behind trapping Prachi. Nishant names Rhea as the real culprit. Abhi can’t believe and is deeply shocked.

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