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Shakti Bahu Begum Upcoming Today Highlights Mahi stops Harman from drinking wine and asks him not to drink wine. Harman asks with which right, she is asking him to stop. Mahi says she is his wife now and is stopping him with his wife’s rights. She requests him politely not to drink. Harman is upset and throws the bottle. Later, Vedant calls Lawyer to his house. Harman is about to end the call which he receives from Soumya’s phone by mistake when he hears Vedant talking to the lawyer and telling that he has hidden the truth from Harman with much difficulty and asks him to destroy all company’s records. Lawyer takes the file and leaves.

Vedant talks to himself and tells that he has taken the false case’s help to get Soumya. Harman is shocked to know that Vedant blackmailed Soumya to marry him by getting him arrested on false charges. Harman comes to Vedant’s house and calls him out. Vedant comes out. Harman pushes him and aims a gun at his forehead to shoot him.

Bahu Begum:

Shayra blames herself for Yasmeen and Faiz’s death. Azaan and Razia pacify her. Shayra feels guilty and doesn’t know it is a big conspiracy of Surayya and Asgar. Noor overhears them and calls Police. Inspector comes to arrest Shayra and tells that she came to arrest Shayra for murdering Yasmeen and Faiz in the fire. Azaan asks who has filed a report against Shayra. Noor comes and says she has filed the FIR. Azaan, Shayra, and Razia are shocked. Noor accuses and blames Shayra for her mother and would be husband’s deaths. Azaan tries to stop Shayra’s arrest and tries to make Noor understand that it was an accident. Noor’s constant rage over Shayra make the latter break down.

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