Sufiyana Pyaar Fatal attack on Saltanat next

Sufiyana Pyaar Fatal attack on Saltanat next

Sufiyana Pyaar Fatal attack on Saltanat next Kainat gets mad for Zaroon. Saltanat struggles to get her freedom. She finally gets help from Nilam. She asks Saltanat who has locked her up. She can’t believe that Kainat is the culprit. She feels that Kainat has lost her mind totally. Saltanat goes to confront Kainat. She slaps Kainat and finds the latter unaffected. Kainat speaks of her wedding night with Zaroon. Saltanat tries to wake up Zaroon, but fails. Kainat realizes that Zaroon had fainted by consuming the spiked drink. She hides the fact that Zaroon and she didn’t get intimate. She doesn’t want to let Saltanat know this. She lies of her romance and intimacy to provoke Saltanat.

She tells Saltanat that she has achieved Zaroon’s love completely and now her desires are fulfilled. Saltanat stops Nilam from telling Kainat’s truth to anyone. She doesn’t want Zaroon to get questioned because of Kainat. Kainat tells Saltanat that her dream is fulfilled and now she won’t come in her way again. Saltanat slaps her and vows to expose her to Zaroon. Kainat plays a suicide drama once again. Kainat stops Saltanat from telling her truth to anyone. Saltanat asks Nilam to sprinkle water on Zaroon to wake him up, and rushes to stop Kainat from the suicide. She doesn’t want Kainat to die.

She wants to expose Kainat’s truth. Kainat runs away. Nilam asks Saltanat not to go after Kainat, she is dangerous. Saltanat doesn’t listen to Nilam and leaves from the house. Zainab and Rubina pray at the Dargah. Zainab worries for her daughters. Rubina asks Zainab not to bring any doubts in mind, Kainat has compromised with her fate and now Saltanat will live happy with Zaroon. Nilam wakes up Zaroon by pouring water on him. She asks Zaroon about his wedding night.

Zaroon asks her how did she come to his room and where is Saltanat. She asks him not to take her words lightly and answer her. He tells her that he was waiting for Saltanat at night and fell asleep before she returned. She worries and wants to tell him the truth. She checks the milk glasses. Zaroon asks her if everything is fine. Ghazala gets angered when she finds Sabina after Mamoon. She scolds them for their foolishness. Nilam finds the drugs added in Saltanat’s milk glass. Zaroon questions her if she is hiding anything crucial from him. Kainat plans to kill Saltanat and take her place in Zaroon’s life forever. She fakes the suicide to get Saltanat after her intentionally. The family receives a shocking news. Will Saltanat be able to save herself from Kainat’s plans or get into a fatal attack again? Keep reading.

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