Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shockers for Lovely lined up

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Lovely gets an upsetting news

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shockers for Lovely lined up Kulfi takes care of Mia on seeing Mia having a bad headache. She thinks Tia is massaging her head. She then sees Kulfi and asks her why is she doing this, she doesn’t need to do any work. Mia connects with Kulfi more. Kulfi tells her that she likes to take care of elders. Mia likes her good values. Amyra meets her friend and tells him that Kulfi isn’t away from her life yet. She asks Rohan to help her. Rohan tells Amyra that they can defame Kulfi over the social media to ruin her image. Amyra likes his idea. She wants Kulfi to suffer. Vikram tells Murphy that Kulfi’s song has become a remix. Sikandar/Murphy doesn’t like the remix.

Vikram tells Murphy that he will be deciding everything. Sikandar tells him that the song was an emotional song and making it a remix is a bad idea. Vikram doesn’t listen to him and wants to make it an album around a love story. Sikandar asks him not to snatch Kulfi’s talents for wrong purpose. Vikram asks him to remember that he is just Kulfi’s manager. Gunjan scolds Amyra for backbiting about Kulfi. Lovely defends her daughter Amyra. They both get into an argument. Gunjan tells Lovely that Kulfi has a big heart and spared her, but if she was in Kulfi’s place, she would have sent Lovely to the jail.

Mohendar stops Gunjan and takes her away. Amyra asks Lovely why did Gunjan threaten her of jail. She wants to know the matter. Lovely conceals everything. She doesn’t want Amyra to know that she is responsible for Nimrat’s death. Sikandar asks Kulfi to just follow her heart and sing. He doesn’t want Vikram to do injustice with music. Sikandar doesn’t know Vikram’s ideas. He asks Kulfi to refuse to Vikram, but she doesn’t listen. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to play any part in the album. He gets stressed. He wants to convince Kulfi. He returns home. Lovely hires a PR manager for Amyra.

She tells the manager to know about Kulfi’s performances and make Amyra compete. Sikandar gets a call and learns that Kulfi has gone for the album shoot. Mia informs Sikandar about the location. Sikandar rushes to the location to stop the shoot. He calls Vikram and asks why didn’t he tell him before. He drives in a rush. He isn’t aware that Lovely is following him. He doesn’t care for anything and goes to the shoot to stop Kulfi’s dance performance with a child actor. Kulfi doesn’t like to dance with anyone.

Mia also feels Kulfi is uncomfortable. Vikram doesn’t agree with Mia. Sikandar takes Murphy’s avatar to stop Vikram. He asks Vikram not to ruin Kulfi’s career. Vikram tells Kulfi that his aim is to make her successful. Kulfi trusts Vikram and promises to obey him. She tells him that she will do as he instructs her. Lovely reaches the shoot and calls up Sikandar. She finds Sikandar in Murphy’s get up. She gets a rude shock. Vikram doesn’t want Kulfi’s practice to halt. He asks Kulfi to continue the dance practice.

Sikandar tries hard to stop Vikram’s cheap plans. His tensions as a father doesn’t end. He wishes that Kulfi forgives him and returns home. Sikandar feels Kulfi is making a big mistake by counting on Vikram. He doesn’t want Vikram to take advantage of his family tussles. Keep reading for more Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shockers upcoming bytes.

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