Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Spoiler Mysterious death of Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyar Mera Saltanat alive and rescued

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Spoiler Mysterious death of Saltanat Zaroon fails to know about anything. Nilam lies to him to handle the situation. She asks him to wait until Saltanat comes, who will explain him everything. Zainab gets worried and feels something wrong is going to happen. Kainat fakes a suicide attempt to actually kill Saltanat. She jumps over the terrace line to get Saltanat there. She wants Saltanat to fall down the terrace and die. She wishes that Saltanat dies and leaves from Zaroon’s life. She plays a suicide drama in front of Saltanat and begs her not to expose her in front of the family. Saltanat stops her from jumping down.

Rubina gets worried seeing Zaroon’s effigy. Nilam hides Saltanat’s fallen earring here. She doesn’t want Rubina to know anything done by Kainat. She keeps her word to Saltanat. Saltanat saves Kainat from falling down. She tells Kainat that she will not let her die this way. She wants Kainat to get punished for her misdeeds. Nilam tells Rubina that Saltanat is sleeping in her room. Rubina takes tea for Zaroon. She learns that Saltanat isn’t at home. She gets worried for Saltanat. Zaroon thinks Saltanat is missing and runs to find her.

Either of Saltanat and Kainat falls down the terrace and faces a near to death situation. Zaroon reaches Zainab to know about Saltanat. Zainab and Nilam get a blood stained letter in Kainat’s room. They learn Kainat’s plans to kill Saltanat. Zaroon also reads the letter. He asks Zainab how could she not limit Kainat, she is mentally ill and needs to be away from the family. He tells her that he will not spare Kainat if anything happens to Saltanat. He yells at Nilam for hiding the matter for long hours. He tells them that anything would have happened with Saltanat by now. He wants to know where is his wife. Kainat makes sure that she adapts Saltanat’s identity completely to win Zaroon forever. Will Kainat succeed in killing Saltanat? Keep reading.

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