Kulfi Kumar Bajewala meets Murphy’s family

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala meets Murphy's family

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala meets Murphy’s family Sikandar takes Kulfi for a long drive to cheer her up. He thinks she is feeling homesick and might be missing him. He tells her that he knows that she is missing his dad. Kulfi gets angry seeing Murphy taking her home. She asks him to stop the car. She clears that she doesn’t love her dad and isn’t missing him. She feels disconnected from Sikandar’s heart, which isn’t true to her. He tells her that she is really missing her family and fell sick, once she meets them, she will be fine. Kulfi tells Murphy that she will never meet Sikandar and family. Murphy tells her that he will take her to his family, since she may like them. Kulfi agrees to go to his house.

He tells her that he will call his family and ask them to make her favorite dishes. He calls up his friend and asks him to arrange actors to play Murphy’s family. Sikandar’s friend arranges a quick family for Murphy. He turns his family into Murphy’s family. They get tensed as they aren’t actors by profession. They prepare in their roles to trick Kulfi. Murphy gets Kulfi to his friend’s house. Kulfi meets Murphy’s family. The family does overacting and realize that Sikandar has come in Murphy’s disguise. Sikandar manages the situation. The family gets entertaining Kulfi by their overacting and funny dialogues.

The drama gets going for long. Kulfi passes the time and feels Murphy is lucky to have such a big family. Kulfi gets happiness in Murphy’s family. She enjoys her time and feels good. Sikandar doesn’t let her doubt them. She misses her family. She gets emotional. She tells them that she didn’t get happiness in her family. She praises Murphy’s family. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will prepare food for her. Kulfi speaks to the women. She questions them. Sikandar worries that Kulfi may catch his new lie. He feeds Kulfi and makes her fine. He takes her back to Mia’s phone. Vikram asks Kulfi to sing well and become a superstar like Sikandar. He asks her to obey him and not refuse to any work assignments.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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