Kumkum Bhagya Destiny plays to surprise Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Destiny plays to surprise Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Destiny plays to surprise Abhi Pragya Rhea longs for her mum’s love. She meets Pragya and gets too emotional since she has hurt Pragya a lot by framing Prachi in the fake case. She regrets for doing bad with Pragya. Pragya knows that Rhea is too hurt within. She asks Rhea not to hide her feelings from her. She knows that Rhea has come to share her pain and sorrow. Rhea tells Pragya that she has come to heal her headache. Shahana wonders why is Rhea doing this drama and being nice towards Pragya. Pragya takes care of Rhea. She gets Rhea at ease by her motherly love and care. Shahana gets angry when Pragya makes her run to get medicines for Rhea.

Shahana wants to know what is Rhea upto. She knows Rhea isn’t too good hearted as she pretends. She also knows that Rhea hates Prachi. Pragya and Rhea bond well. Daasi reacts that her jewellery got stolen. Aaliya handles Rhea’s mistake and lies to Daasi that she has taken the jewellery for polishing. She lies to save Rhea. She tells Daasi that she is changing herself for the good. Daasi is happy that Aaliya is changing herself into a positive being. Aaliya gets emotional and values Daasi’s advice. She feels Daasi’s advice has always worked in keeping her relation with Purab. She treasures her relation with Daasi. Purab is occupied with Disha’s thoughts.

He wants to know about the man in Disha’s life. He feels jealous. Pragya puts Rhea to rest. Rhea likes to get Pragya’s care. Shahana gets medicines for Rhea. Rhea tells Pragya that no one took care of her like that. Pragya doesn’t want to send Rhea home. She knows Rhea doesn’t have a mum to care for her. She asks Rhea to stay back with her. Shahana questions Rhea for taking Prachi’s place. She asks Rhea why is she snatching Pragya from Prachi, after blaming Prachi for snatching her dad Abhi. Abhi thinks to message Prachi’s mum and thank her. Pragya thinks of Kiara and gets emotional. She feels Rhea is also like her daughter. Pragya gets a little burn, while Abhi gets the same burn feeling on his hand at the same instance.

Pragya and Abhi stay connected by their souls. Shahana condemns Rhea for getting Pragya’s attention. Rhea tells her that she can’t get Pragya’s care anywhere, that’s why she has come to her. Shahana blames Rhea for planning this revenge on Prachi by snatching Pragya. She scolds Rhea and makes her understand her mistake. Rhea gets provoked by Shahana’s taunts. Pragya’s emotional gesture makes Rhea happy. Rhea seeks Pragya’s permission to meet her anytime. Pragya wants Rhea to keep in touch, since she loves her too. Rhea warns Shahana against testing her patience.

Purab wants to check about Disha. He doesn’t know if Disha is married. He doesn’t feel that Disha has moved on. Disha stays busy in her work. Her friend Ritik takes care of her. He plans an outing with her. Disha doesn’t want to leave her work. Ritik cheers her up. Purab is mistaken that Ritik is Disha’s husband. Shahana informs Prachi about Rhea’s move to snatch Pragya from them. She also reveals about Rhea challenging her. Prachi goes to Ranbir’s house to collect a file. Ranbir scares her to tease. Prachi and Ranbir get back to the office. Sarita tries to arrange Abhi and Pragya’s meeting at the cafe. Abhi arrives at the cafe to meet Sarita and Anuradha. He isn’t aware that Pragya is Anuradha.

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