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Star Plus Today Highlight Two Prime Hits Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Dr. Vishal calls up another heart specialist to get Suman diagnosed before the surgery. The doctor tells Sonakshi that Dr. Rohit would be the best one to operate Suman, she must request Rohit for performing the surgery, Suman will recover soon. Sonakshi doesn’t want Rohit to operate Suman. She is least interested in calling him. Ajit tells the family that Sonakshi’s mother Suman has suffered a heart attack, the doctor was calling up Rohit, but he has refused on Rohit’s behalf. Rohit gets angry on Ajit for not informing him and refusing from his side. He tells Ajit that he is a doctor and its his duty to save a patient’s life. He wants to save Suman.

He rushes to the hospital to operate Suman. Dr. Vishal thanks him for coming on his call. Rohit is ready to do anything to save a patient’s life. He doesn’t want Sonakshi to come between his profession. Sonakshi doesn’t let Rohit attend Suman. Even Pari doesn’t want Rohit to take charge. Sonakshi tells Pari that they should keep their egos aside and take Rohit’s help. Rohit performs the surgery and saves Suman. He informs Rastogis that Suman is fine now. Pulkit thanks Rohit for saving his mum. Rohit tells him that doctors can’t get emotions and personal equations in between their duty. He consoles Pulkit.

He tells Sonakshi that he will be meeting her at the court as Pooja’s brother. He goes to fulfill a brother’s duty. Sonakshi worries about the courtroom drama. Veena asks Nishi not to fight with Yash. She tells Nishi that Pooja is an adopted daughter and they should better tell this truth to her at the right time. She asks Nishi to reconcile with Yash. Rohit tells Dr. Vishal that he has done his work and he is leaving for a personal work now. Sonakshi feels Rohit has taken the wrong decision without knowing the matter. Rohit overhears Sonakshi and Pari’s conversation. Sonakshi wants Rohit to understand her point once and try to find the culprit. Sonakshi relieves Suman of the stress. She tells Suman that she will expose the culprit. Rohit withdraws the case only to stop Pooja’s defamation. Sonakshi and Rohit join hands to trap Sumit.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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h3>Star Plus Today Highlight Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Nivedita and Anupam enjoy their alone time. They are happy that they have got together. Anupam tells Nivedita that its a dream come true for him. He tells her that their relation will have no problems from now. He wants her to be happy. Prerna prepares for the paragliding. Mr. Bajaj asks her to step back if she is scared. She recalls Anurag’s encouraging words. She feels strong and goes ahead to defeat Mr. Bajaj. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj enjoy their trip. He feels she is much strong and determined. He gets to see her new qualities. He is happy that he has married her. He is more impressed her. Anurag returns to Kolkata. He gets occupied with Prerna’s memories. He is sure that Prerna will come back to him. He prays for his love.

Veena gets depressed because of Prerna’s wrong marriage. She curses Prerna for ruining Anurag’s life. Anurag imagines Prerna and stays sad. He gets drunk and then reaches home. Mohini welcomes Anurag home. She finds him drunk and is worried that he is changing. Veena misses Prerna and cries for her. She has hatred, anger and also sorrow in heart. She wants to meet Prerna and confront her for marrying Bajaj. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj also reach Kolkata. He tells Prerna that they have to attend a wedding. Nivedita and Anupam’s bonding surprises Mohini. Mohini tells Nivedita that Anurag came home in a drunken state. Anupam rushes to Anurag.

Prerna and Mr. Bajaj attend the wedding. Anurag tells Anupam that he has decided to teach a lesson to Mr. Bajaj by striking on his weakness. He seeks Nivedita’s help for ruining Mr. Bajaj. Veena meets Prerna and asks her why did she marry Mr. Bajaj. Prerna acts and lies that she found Mr. Bajaj better than Anurag in all terms, he is super rich and a winner always. Veena tells Prerna that she has chosen a wrong man, Mr. Bajaj will never love her as Anurag loves her. Prerna confronts Mr. Bajaj for ruining Anurag and asks him if she is just a property for him. She condemns Mr. Bajaj’s thinking.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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