Sufiyana Pyaar Today Highlights and Spoilers bytes

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon struck by big grief

Sufiyana Pyaar Today Highlights Zaroon gets mad to find Saltanat. He turns raging when the police doesn’t lodge his complaint and call him obsessed. He vents his anger on the police constable. Zainab feels she has done a big sin by hiding Kainat’s crimes. She apologizes to Kainat. Zaroon and Hamza try to find Saltanat. Someone tells Zaroon that he has seen Saltanat rushing after her sister. He takes money to divulge more details. He gets Zaroon to the place. Someone follows Zaroon. Zaroon and Hamza reach the video of Saltanat and Kainat. He finds Kainat’s mobile fallen there. He also gets the blood note written by Kainat. He gets a shocking call from the police. Zaroon gets worried that the dead person maybe Saltanat.

He gets a big relief when he finds someone else. Sabina is happy that Kainat has gone. She wants to leave the house for the better. Mamoon and Sabina flirt. Ghazala scolds Sabina for getting after her husband once again. She asks Sabina to stay away from them. Mamoon asks Ghazala not to doubt on him and sends her away. Zaroon learns a shocking thing. He finds Mamoon’s number in Kainat’s call log. He wonders what’s Mamoon’s involvement in this missing case. Zaroon suspects Mamoon and wants to solve the mysterious riddle soon.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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Spoilers Bytes for the show:

Zaroon goes to confront Mamoon about his deal with Kainat. When Mamoon doesn’t tell him anything, Zaroon asks him to swear on him and admit the truth. He asks Mamoon if he is helping Kainat and trapped Saltanat somewhere. He asks Ghazala to help him in finding the truth, since Saltanat is in danger. Mamoon tells Zaroon that he was helpless to take Kainat’s help to get the heirship. He also clears the fact that he isn’t behind Saltanat’s disappearance. Zaroon wants to believe Mamoon. He asks Mamoon to inform him if Kainat contacts him again.


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