Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Disclosure Time

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Disclosure Time

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Disclosure Time Mani fails to find Ishita at the goons’ shade. He tries to get clues from them. Mihika and Simmi meet the caterer to know about Ishita. They wish to find if he is hiding something and is involved with the kidnapper. They find ways to trick him and visit his warehouse. They tell him that they would come with him right away. The elders come at the same time and foil their plan. Simmi doesn’t get scared and reveals her plan. She attacks the caterer to know the truth. Ruhi tells Karan that she is sure about Ishita hidden inside the huge drum. She informs Yug and Aaliya as well. She wants to find Ishita. Yug tells Ruhi that they are coming soon.

Simmi tells the elders that the caterer is behind Ishita’s kidnapping. Mihika throws chilli powder at the man and asks him to admit the truth. Simmi threatens him to know who is the kidnapper. The man agrees to break out the truth. He tells them that he didn’t see that kidnapper, but just got his instructions. They get a clue from the man. Karan and Yug decide to fight the goons so that they can find Ishita. Simmi asks the man not to alert the kidnapper, else she will not leave him. Simmi and Mihika make a plan to nab the kidnapper.

Karan and Yug signal Mani that Ishita is inside the huge rice drum. Mani understands their signs and runs to check the drum. He removes the rice packets to find Ishita. Simmi and Mihika want to nab the enemy and also track Raman. Karan and Yug stop the goons from hurting Mani. They initiate a fight. Mani finally finds Ishita hidden inside the drum. He tells Aaliya that Ishita is really inside the drum. He feels Ruhi’s suspicion about Ishita’s presence was right. Ruhi and Aaliya get Ishita with them. The goons get a lesson, while Bhallas leave with Ishita. Ishita returns home. The family realizes the tortures made on Ishita. They get Ishita treated.

The entire family wishes Ishita’s welfare. They wait for Ishita to gain consciousness, so that she can reveal them the enemy’s name. Ruhi doesn’t want to leave Ishita for a second. Ishita feels fortunate to find herself with her family. Yug asks Ishita about the enemy. She reveals to them that someone has snatched her phone and messaged them to fool them. Karan asks her if she got to know about Raman or the kidnapper’s identity. Arijit gets raged up with the fact that Ishita is freed by Bhallas. He goes crazy. Ishita tells the family that Sunita has following someone’s orders to keep her unconscious.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Disclosure Ruhi wants to know why did Sunita do this with Ishita. Ishita shares her sorrow and pain. She wants to be with the family. Mani wonders who is the person behind this. He feels sorry knowing about Ishita’s struggles. Arijit wants to meet Bhallas and get the status of their plans. Ishita tells them that Sunita was helpless to drug her, maybe she was blackmailed by the kidnapper. Karan and Yug want to find Raman as well, knowing even Raman would be drugged to stay in unconscious state. Ishita worries for Raman, who is still captive. She tells them that Raman would be facing worse times. Simmi and Mihika share their plan of tracking the kidnapper through the caterer. Ishita fears that the enemy would harm them. Mani doesn’t want them to invite more risk.

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