Kasautii Anurag conquers Bajaj; Prerna in dilemma

Kasautii Anurag conquers Bajaj; Prerna in dilemma

Kasautii Anurag conquers Bajaj Anurag begins to take revenge on Mr. Bajaj by striking on his weaknesses. He knows that business is Mr. Bajaj’s strength and weakness too. He doesn’t get to know much of Mr. Bajaj’s family. He tries to steal all the investors’ support from Mr. Bajaj, so that things come trembling down in Mr. Bajaj’s world. Mr. Bajaj turns emotional on finding his daughter Sneha in peace with Prerna. Maasi asks him how did he get tears in eyes when he is so strong hearted. Mr. Bajaj happily cries. He tells her that his daughter means everything to him and he wants her to be happy. Maasi also feels that Prerna is a good mother for Sneha.

She wakes up Prerna to have breakfast. Meanwhile, Anurag tells the investors that he will give them big profits and partnerships in his company only if they support him. The investors agree to his deal. Nivedita is happy seeing the way Anurag convinced the investors. Anupam tells her that he has just started his plans. She learns about the conditions Anurag kept in the deal. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to take care of Sneha. Anurag happens to meet them. Mr. Bajaj asks him the reason for coming home uninvited. Anurag declares the shocking news that he has taken over Mr. Bajaj’s everything, including his properties and business.

He also mentions that the house belongs to him now. He tells Prerna that now he is more rich than Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj warns Anurag against playing with his family. He threatens to break his promise to Prerna and ruin him. Anurag doesn’t listen to him. He gets provoked to ruin Mr. Bajaj. Anurag gets angered recalling Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s marriage. He is doing this only for Prerna. She wants to stop Anurag from making any wrong move. She knows Mr. Bajaj has stepped back, but Anurag is triggering his anger again. She wants to meet Anurag and stop his plans. Anurag is happy to give tension to Mr. Bajaj. He wants to snatch back Prerna from Mr. Bajaj.

He tells Anupam that Prerna will come back to him when Mr. Bajaj loses all the money. He gets Prerna’s call and is happy. Prerna begs Anurag to return the house to Mr. Bajaj. Mohini feels proud of Anurag, who has ruined Mr. Bajaj. She gives this good news to Veena. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t want to lose his house to Anurag. Prerna defends Mr. Bajaj, shocking Anurag.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. Now just watch how they turn the victim into the villain and the robot into mother Theresa. It was game set and match when the robot introduced the bimbo to his daughter. It was a really soppy story from the robot that would have made even a hardened criminal cries. And I really laughed when he told the bimbo I conned you into marrying me because of my daughter. It reminded me of Victor Kiam Remington Shaver advert with Victor saying I like the shaver so much that I bought the company. Here the robot is telling the bimbo my daughter likes you so much that I decided to buy you. Instead I was expecting the bimbo to tell the robot what kind of father are you? You just watched as a bystander in the background whilst your daughter is in danger twice. Oh no the bimbo just asked the robot if he was there. Fiction or make belief but what a crap story line. The robot present every time the daughter saw the bimbo. Now he is just spinning lies after lies and the bimbo is swallowing those lies hook and sinker. Now the bimbo has to wait for the robot’s to tell her about his past with the BASU and of course it will come out whiter than white and the bimbo will be well impressed. The bimbo’s lover is Kentucky fried chicken. She is now the robot’s strength and the lover’s weakness and the bimbo will help the robot to destroy him as she they have turned her into a cold hearted and ruthless bimbo. She will defend the robot because of what the robot did for his daughter but she is happy to keep her pregnancy secret from her lover. Now the lover does not know all this as he feels betrayed by what they have done and is blinded by his love for the bimbo. Will she back him just like she is backing the robot once the lover finds out about her pregnancy as it will be justified for the lover to destroy the robot as he was aware that the bimbo is pregnant with the lover’s child but still conned the bimbo into marrying him apparently for the daughter. Live in hope. It is Ekta’s and the student script writer’s world.


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